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Indigenous People's Day 2021

Many of my most treasured memories and have been times when I was a guest for Native American ceremonies. Some of the education I treasure most comes from the wisdom of Native Elders paired with criti

6 days ago

June 23, 2017

06/23/2017 01:11:57 PM

28th Anniversary Recovery Rap

5/25/17. celebrating 28 years alcohol/drug free. This anniversary is far more important to me than my birthday. Thirty years ago, already 7 years past swearing off toxins, and tapering off of most sub

05/25/2017 01:15:54 AM

Caught In A Summer Rainstorm With My 90yr Old Mother

I was taking Mother for her daily stroll (she in wheelchair). We stopped at the AMH community gardens, and met Cliff. He came out and gladly told us all about the greenhouse where veggies grow year ro

07/07/2015 09:35:12 PM

Kathleen's Ted Talk

I like this Ted Talk by Kathleen Macferran sharing the work of the Freedom Project bringing "Nonviolent Communication" and "Restorative Circles" into prisons. I'm fortunate to have had the opportunity

04/10/2014 10:18:08 PM