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An Open Letter To Teachers in the Midst of Distance Learning

I see you—you are tired and frustrated and learning alllll the new tools that you need to teach the kids who may or may not be paying attention to you on the other end of the video call. You are worri

6 days ago

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Decenter and Receive

The question of how to address racial justice with kids is huge in my mind, at all times but especially now as the marathon of justice work continues. It is clear to me that the seven (+ proposed 8th)

06/23/2020 08:33:20 PM

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The 8th Principle

In 2013, Paula Cole Jones and Bruce Pollack-Johnson proposed an 8th Principle* which reads: “We, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association, covenant to affirm and promote: jou

06/18/2020 04:00:13 PM


Intro to Race for Kids

I created Intro to Race for Kids Ages 6-12 following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Several parents said that they had no idea how to talk to their kids about what had happened, and

06/17/2020 05:04:40 PM



You may have noticed some changes at [email protected]! While the vision of UU Faith Formation practices for home began almost 12 years ago, the need for these resources has never been greater. My hope is that

05/27/2020 08:56:50 PM