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Tagline“For myself, I want no advantage over my fellow man, and if he is weaker than I, all the more is it my duty to help him.” —Eugene V. Debs
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Shared on March 27ths: history of "progressive", more

A history of "progressive" First used by leftists—Sanders and Maxine Waters were among founders of Progressive Caucus. Appropriated by New Democrats who did not want to call themselves neoliberals. "I

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Shared on March 26ths

Insomnia is boring. Why doesn't it put me to sleep? - "Actually" is the polite way of saying, "If you bothered to do some research...." - Thinking you can have art without politics while living under

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Shared on March 25ths

If you can go out and maintain social distance, go for a walk or a run or anything that gets you out in the sensual world. I’ll go for a bike ride soon. It’ll be gray and cool and a bit stinky from th

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Shared on March 24ths

There's a strain in conservatism that socialists can appeal to. It requires a socialism that promotes liberty while helping the have-nots—a socialism that Marx and Engels loved, but Stalin and Mao did

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Shared on March 23rds

If you live in a neighborhood most people can't afford, complaining about the price is just bragging. - You don't have to deny that differences exist to say that differences don't matter.

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