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Tagline“For myself, I want no advantage over my fellow man, and if he is weaker than I, all the more is it my duty to help him.” —Eugene V. Debs
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Things shared on Jan 27ths

Capitalists who think socialists should never celebrate anything the USSR did right should never celebrate anything the US did before ending Jim Crow. - I'll give Azealea Banks credit for this in her

1 day ago

Things shared on Jan 26ths

What I love most about the web: asking about things I don't know and having strangers do their best to help. - When intervention makes a problem worse, you become the bad guy no matter how good your i

2 days ago

Things shared on Jan 25ths

The most powerful workers in the US may be flight attendants. When teachers strike, the rich don’t care—their kids go to private schools. But when flight attendants threaten to strike, Trump has to re

3 days ago

Things shared on Jan 24ths: the symbol of the hijab

I don't get the idea that a hijab being mandatory in some places makes it a symbol of oppression everywhere. I'm not oppressed by my pants. Where the hijab is mandatory, it's not a symbol of oppressio

3 days ago

Things shared on Jan 23rds: punching Nazis, free speech, the authoritarian left

If the Nazi is not a threat, don't punch him. If the Nazi is a threat, don't punch him—kill him. - The authoritarian left hates the libertarian left more than they hate either wing of the right. And t

5 days ago