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Tagline“For myself, I want no advantage over my fellow man, and if he is weaker than I, all the more is it my duty to help him.” —Eugene V. Debs
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Things I shared on November 16ths

Old creeps, stop misrepresenting the '60s. It was "Do your own thing", not "Make others do your thing." It was about consent, not coercion, and freedom, not force. - "If you would deny a thing to your

2 hours ago

My comment at Slate about the myth that John M. Ford's family tried to keep his work out of print

I left this at John M. Ford’s books are being republished, but how did he fall into obscurity?: I was one of Mike Ford's friends and editors, and I want to go on record with this: Martha Fry was extre

1 day ago

Things I shared on November 15ths

At Aldi today, I came to the register soon after a homeless man who had not been able to wash in days or weeks or months. He smelled like capitalism. - Being a democratic socialist, I have yet to be c

1 day ago

Malcolm X / Malik El-Shabazz Rosa Luxemburg

Mark Twain damns the idea of whiteness in Huckleberry Finn

I’m rereading Huckleberry Finn. This is one of the great lines of literature: “Dah you goes, de ole true Huck; de on'y white genlman dat ever kep' his promise to ole Jim.” Twain’s main target is white

2 days ago

whiteness Mark Twain white trash

Things I shared on November 14ths

When I ask "Why do the children of the rich deserve to be given money, while the children of the poor do not?" rich people say we all can give to whoever we please. That's like being asked why someone

2 days ago