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On The Other Side

I started this blog in January 2010. My sons were nine and thirteen, I’d just been through a divorce, and I was trying to recover from the trauma surrounding it. We’d been homeschooling for several ye

2 weeks ago

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Homeschooling, Pandemic Style

What you did last spring was not homeschooling. Seriously. It wasn’t. No one would ever consider homeschooling if that was actual homeschooling. What you did last March or April was something entirely

08/11/2020 01:29:48 AM

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Uncharted Territory

This blog post was published initially on the blog for Online G3 website, where Online G3 instructors explain the methodologies and purposes of the classes and sometimes just muse about education.  I’

08/17/2019 12:09:16 AM

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Review: Amazing Ants–Simple Sidewalk Science (Royal Fireworks Press)

My kids spent their homeschooling childhoods watching animals go about their lives. Often, we observed animals in their natural habitats: robins, poking for worms in the yard; bees, collecting from fl

02/16/2019 03:39:51 AM

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A Letter from the Counselor

I have a high school senior, and it is November — college application time.  It’s that season for seniors everywhere, an intense push to whittle down lists of schools you know only a bit about while c

11/10/2014 02:29:33 PM

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