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Mania (All-Consuming Love)

Mania describes a kind of love that is entirely focused on the present moment, on passion or care or the euphoria of new love. When it goes on too long, it is not healthy, but it is natural to sometim

21 hours ago



Compassion for ourselves is a key component of our mental health. It is too easy to fall into a cycle of self-criticism and perfectionism. It is important to learn to forgive ourselves, to treat ourse

1 day ago



Learning to love myself fully means learning to love my body, even with its limitations. It means overcoming the internalized messages of ableism taught to me over and over by a society that values “p

2 days ago


Philautia (Self-Love)

The love for self is philautia. It is the opposite of selfishness; rather, it is the love that teaches us to value our own worth and needs. As the song goes “learning to love yourself is the greatest

3 days ago


Being in Love

A friend I met over two decades ago once said, “There is a difference between falling in love and being in love.” After experiencing both, I know now that if you continually chase after the feelings o

4 days ago