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Scales of Justice

The concept of justice is often presented as a figure holding balanced scales. And yet, our society puts a weight on one of those scales that makes true justice impossible. How have you challenged inj

10 hours ago


Balanced Rock

Sometimes, things are balanced precisely despite unlikely circumstances. Sometimes, that balance is the product of slow and steady forces over long periods of time. When have you experienced an unlike

1 day ago



Stress in our lives pulls us out of balance. Things that trigger a stress response interfere with our ability to function properly. Being mindful of where stress is coming from can help us rebalance o

2 days ago



Some people summon incredible physical strength to balance themselves, but strength comes in many forms. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological strengths can all be used to balance our

3 days ago



Many people create altars in their homes to help them focus and balance their energy and invite the holy into their lives. What items would you place on an altar to help remind you of the possibility

4 days ago