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After Graduation

No one told me after graduation I might feel depressed. After attending my last class, meeting all the deadlines for finals, joining my classmates in celebration for the occasion, there was an absence

1 day ago



As they rise to cross the stage in front of family and peers, students become the masters. A piece of paper is bestowed upon them in this ritual reminding the world of their accomplishments, and then

2 days ago



Crosswalks are designed to make crossing the street safer. When everyone–drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians–is paying proper attention to the crosswalk, it does its job remarkably well. When people

3 days ago



Transitions often mean that you are grown, becoming better, gaining more. Whether you are taking on a new job or moving to a new city for new opportunities, or even dating someone new, the air is thic

4 days ago


Small Transitions

Transitions can be big and complicated–ending or starting a relationship, moving to a new area, starting a new job.  Transitions can also be small, like redesigning a kitchen or selecting a new sofa.

5 days ago