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Pride is a very different thing from conceit. Pride can be the honest joy taken in one’s own accomplishments. There is nothing in the world wrong with praising yourself for a difficult job well done.

11 hours ago



“But the conceited man did not hear him. Conceited people never hear anything but praise.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry What helps you to maintain the humility necessary to accept criticism or the need

1 day ago


Give. Thanks.

Gratitude and generosity are inextricably linked. We are grateful for what we are given. Feeling gratitude makes us want to share from the abundance that we feel. And the circle continues in the best

2 days ago



“When virtues are pointed out first, flaws seem less insurmountable.” ― Judith Martin What strategies do you use for offering criticism or praise? The Daily Compass offers words and images to inspire

3 days ago


Giving Gifts

Receiving a gift can certainly make you feel appreciated and cared for. Then again, so can the gift of a warm smile, a hug, or words of support or appreciation. What is your favorite way to receive ap

4 days ago