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For those of us in cold climates, winter is the time when color is hard to find, and everything tends to fade to a wash of gray. But the lack of color invites us to find beauty in texture and form, in

21 hours ago


New Discoveries

“We are ever on the threshold of new journeys and new discoveries. Can you imagine the excitement of the Wright brothers on the morning of that first flight? The anticipation of Jonas Salk as he analy

1 day ago


Out of the Elements

A doorway could welcome you in out of the elements—or you could be welcomed in to the elements themselves. Where would you like to feel comfortable that still feels unfamiliar to you? The Daily Compas

2 days ago



“Poetry is more a threshold than a path.” ―Seamus Heaney What door of insight has poetry opened for you? The Daily Compass offers words and images to inspire spiritual reflection and encourage the cre

3 days ago



A threshold can as easily be an invitation inside as a call to move out into adventure. One of the most important thresholds we cross is into the place that feels like home. Where do you feel most at

4 days ago