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Earth Day

Floating like a silver raft in space, and we see the face of our planet anew. We relish the view; We witness its round green and brilliant blue, Which inspires us to ask deeply, wholly: What can we do

18 hours ago



“Caint no one know at sunrise, how this day is going to end. Caint no one know at sunset if the next day will begin.” -Sweet Honey in the Rock, from “Spiritual,” lyrics by Ysaye M. Barnwell What are y

1 day ago



Whenever I see yellow tulips, I think of one particular friend who loves them a lot. Whenever she has the chance, she will buy a bouquet of yellow tulips and keep them in her kitchen. That bit of brig

2 days ago



“The goal of mindfulness practice is to become aware that craving, anger, sleepiness, restlessness or doubt is present in the mind when they arise. The movement from being in a mind state and being aw

3 days ago



If grace is unearned, why does it sometimes feel like it’s a lot of work to come by? Christianity itself split over a disagreement between whether grace or work was more important for salvation. What

4 days ago