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Feel that? Each breath, every inhale, exhale We are living, breathing, connected. We are the whole, complete, beautiful selves that we were born to be. Feel that? In your bones, in your muscles In you

16 hours ago



“No storm can shake my inmost calm while to that rock I’m clinging. It sounds an echo in my soul–how can I keep from singing?” -Robert W. Lowry What are the ways you bring calm to your body and/or you

1 day ago


Breaking Bread

“Let us give thanks for the interdependent web that brought food to our tables, for the spirits that gave of themselves so that we might eat, for the bended backs that labored in the hot sun and all t

2 days ago



All power and energy and life force on Earth comes from the Sun. The summer solstice is the peak of that life-giving force. Summer brings abundance, harvest, and heat. Live vibrantly today as if you w

3 days ago



“The Solstices teach us to remember the dark, to remember the light, to remember time. The seasons. And love as we circle the sun.” -David Breeden As summer begins in the Northern Hemisphere and winte

4 days ago