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The simple lamp in the corner casts a warm glow around the room. It makes possible reading, or sewing, or a game of cards. How are you using your light to make things possible for others? The Daily Co

22 hours ago


Fall Day

Spirit of life, we are joined today in a moment of gratitude for a perfect fall day — for a last blaze of sunshine in a sapphire sky, before the rain and snow — for gold and crimson leaves, before we

1 day ago



Fresh bread is something of a tiny miracle. Or maybe just a marvel. Born from simple ingredients and careful technique, it emerges from the oven steaming and scented and ready to provide sustenance. W

2 days ago



Our hope does not live in some glimmer of an indistinct future. Rather, we know the way to the world of which we dream, and by covenant and the movement forward of one right action and the next, we kn

3 days ago



Ivy creeps its way up a brick wall, sending out hairy tendrils that stick to any roughness in the surface. It branches out and grows longer. Slowly, it covers the wall with its lushness. How can you s

4 days ago