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TaglineWomenExplore/TOP is an open learning community of thoughtful women, who organize two series of lectures each year. The topics arise from the issues that the participants encounter in their lives. Each week the day begins with a short lecture from one of participants on how the day's issue relates to her personal life. This is followed by an expert speaker and then discussion by members of the audience. WomenExplore/TOP has no religious or other affiliations.
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True Expression

— by Karen Sheahan The discussion following Tim McCarthy's talk and Lindsa and Michael toing and froing on the subject of "The Perils and the Pride of Patriotism" brought her beautiful poem "True Expr

2 days ago

Fall 2020 Democracy in Crisis!

Week 6 15th October   THE VITAL ROLE OF THE MEDIA: DEMOCRACY & THE FOURTH ESTATE Focus talk: Dorianne Low — Click here to play (30 m). Main lecture and discussion: — Laylah Alphonse: Lylah Alphonse is

1 week ago

Australian Magpie Song

Click here for magpie song (12s). Warning: It is very loud so you might want to turn down your volume first!

1 week ago

Halloween — Pumpkin Carving Instructions

A piece of American culture, for those who have never participated before. You will need —  your pumpkin (I bought one for $5, but prices vary) – larger pumpkins are easier to carve. Mine is about 12

1 week ago

pumpkin carving

Fall 2020: Democracy in Crisis! Weeks 7 to 10

Week 7,  22nd October:  The Perils and Pride of Patriotism                  Timothy Patrick McCarthy

1 week ago