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A Thousand Silent Schisms

The idea of a “schism” in Unitarian Universalist has gained a limited salience this summer. Todd Eklof proposed some kind of separation between the Unitarians and Universalists in The Gadfly Papers, a

08/22/2019 12:15:46 AM

Religion Unitarian Universalism spirituality Worship UU Ministry unitarian universalist justice UUA anti-racism racism service congregation schism

White Supremacist Terrorism and the Long Era of Minority Rule

Content Warning: This post discusses mass shootings and other acts of terrorism, along with the racism and xenophobia that surround it. It is uniquely American that, for record-keeping purposes, I hav

08/05/2019 01:23:19 AM

Unitarian Universalism UU media justice UUA anti-racism racism politics race protest White Supremacy Trump policy trump administration voter suppression conflict right-wing demographics police White Nationalism Antifa Fox News anti-fascism El Paso ben shapiro dayton dennis prager domestic terrorism majority-minority minority rule oklahoma city bombing sinclair broadcast group stochastic terrorism susan frederick-gray tucker carlson white supremacist terrorism

New UU Facebook Group!

Due to serious moderation issues in the existing Facebook UU group “Unitarian Universalism – Faith of the Free“, which saw an influx of outright white nationalists, and a subsequent crackdown on both

07/30/2019 04:26:52 AM

Religion Unitarian Universalism Social Media UU unitarian universalist media justice UUA Unitarian General Assembly racism Facebook race White Supremacy white fragility White Nationalism Meta discord just asking questions sea lioning unspoken politics bad faith eklof gadfly papers uu reddit

“A Unitarian Universalist Pipeline to the Right?” Cited in UU Needham Sermon

I’d like to thank Ellie Valle, a lifelong member of First Parish Needham Unitarian Universalist, for citing my blog series on the pipeline to the Right, Covenants, and Disruptive Behavior Policies, in

07/29/2019 12:06:38 AM

Religion Unitarian Universalism UU sermon unitarian universalist justice UUA Unitarian racism covenant race sexism unspoken politics disruptive behavior policy commission on institutional change first parish Needham ma needham

Healing and Reconciliation in Unitarian Universalism: An Ethnographic Approach

This is another offshoot of the “A Unitarian Universalist Pipeline to the Right?” series, but I’ve decided to put the main series on hiatus for a while, if nothing else because the title is a mouthful

07/24/2019 12:51:03 AM

Unitarian Universalism UU unitarian universalist justice UUA Unitarian poverty anti-racism racism covenant race Sociology UU World reconciliation anthropology conflict sexism Privacy Social Science disruptive behavior policy anonymity ethnography Evicted Matthew Desmond right relations