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First Episode of New Podcast: Inherent Worth is out!

A new podcast, Inherent Worth, which talks about the intersection between the political left and the liberal religious tradition of Unitarian Universalism, is out! “Interdependent Webs” talks about en

04/21/2020 11:07:11 PM

Earth Day Unitarian Universalism UU unitarian universalist media justice UUA veganism poverty economics seven principles capitalism inherent worth environment policy socialism Corporations leftism ethical consumption virtual

It’s 1860 Again (Without A Lincoln)

So, it’s an election year. The country is falling apart- both in the long-term crumbling of infrastructure, education, and health care, and the short-term of the COVID-19 epidemic killing thousands of

04/18/2020 03:53:11 PM

justice racism History politics protest Trump donald trump policy 2020 election protests Electoral College Joe Biden polls economy 2020 coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 covid biden open the economy re-open the economy recession

The BS economy II: BS-ish jobs and the coronavirus recession

Years ago, I wrote a post entitled “The bullshit economy“, reflecting on David Graeber’s superb essay “On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs” that ended up being a runaway success. By the time his full-l

04/11/2020 04:06:42 PM

justice poverty politics economics capitalism environment policy Italy neoliberalism socialism Healthcare Spain United States Corporations coronavirus COVID-19 bullshit bullshit economy bullshit jobs covid David Graeber on the phenomenon of bullshit jobs workers

(Tentative) Session for UU General Assembly 2020

I assume UU General Assembly 2020 is not happening in Rhode Island. It’s in June, large gathering will still be a terrible idea if not outright banned, and a lot of high risk people come to it. That b

04/10/2020 05:30:37 PM

Religion Unitarian Universalism UU unitarian universalist justice UUA racism politics race protest GA White Supremacy Neo-Nazis White Nationalism radicalization algorithms uua ga white power workshop

White Supremacy and the Long Era of Minority Rule

Content Warning: This post discusses mass shootings and other acts of terrorism, along with the racism and xenophobia that surround it. It is uniquely American that, for record-keeping purposes, I hav

04/10/2020 05:30:11 PM

Religion justice racism politics race protest White Supremacy Gun Control Trump fascism conflict Terrorism Neo-Nazis White Nationalism gun violence mass shootings domestic terrorism