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Rise like a single ember caught in ecstatic swirling tendrils of soft smoke Rise like the first shoots of a tentative spring Rise like the Sun greeting the East Rise, rise together.  

14 hours ago

Poetry justice Nature free verse poem liberation spring verse Sunrise Liberation Theology rise

De-Arrest Every Single One, Free Them All

It’s not clear what the legacy of Donald Trump’s presidency will be. A lot is contingent on whether he leaves in 2021 or 2025 (or maybe stays beyond that, who really knows). It could be his links with

20 hours ago

justice Occupy poverty racism politics race Barack Obama Occupy Wall Street protest liberalism Hillary Clinton donald trump policy migrants 2020 election conflict socialism police gene sharp nonviolence Ice asylum seekers Honduras asylum Corporations concentration camps Lights for Liberty 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action anarchism coup de-arresting detention centers diversity of tactics leftism Nancy Pelosi occupy ice

A Unitarian Universalist Pipeline to the Right? II: Feedback and Insight

Five days ago, I released my first blog post in a long time (a very long time if we’re talking about UU-related content), “A Unitarian Universalist Pipeline to the Right?”. I’ve had one other UU post

1 day ago

Religion Unitarian Universalism UU unitarian universalist justice UUA Unitarian anti-racism racism politics race Sociology World Religions white fragility policy right-wing alt-right Meta Social Science jordan peterson ben shapiro dave rubin white supreamcy

The legacy of George Carlin and “political correctness”

Content Warning: Some of the links in this post contain potentially offensive content. Please be advised that this is an attempt to be instructive and not to harm anyone or further hurtful language an

3 days ago

Unitarian Universalism UU media justice racism activism Writing politics comedy Language progressive free speech right-wing Videos political correctness alt-right Social Science george carlin political incorrectness politically incorrect shock value

A Unitarian Universalist Pipeline to the Right?

In the past few months, I’ve become more active in online Unitarian Universalist circles. Mostly this has been a new Discord chat server that’s mostly attracted young adults, “UU curious” people looki

5 days ago

Religion Unitarian Universalism Social Media UU media justice UUA anti-racism racism politics race Unitarianism protest UU World black lives matter political correctness alt-right Identity Politics Meta Social Science alt-right pipeline discord jordan peterson postmodernism