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Down the Memory Hole: Donald Trump’s 1999 Presidential Flirtation

You rarely hear much these days about Donald Trump’s 1999 shot at the presidency as the candidate of the Reform Party. Because I enjoy going through old newspaper archives, I thought I would take a lo

2 weeks ago

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The Multi-Directional Public Pose

Watching Desperate Romantics on Pluto recently I found myself wondering about our current era in arts. How do we approach art making and receiving in our age? Who would the “pre-Raphelites” be? Each a

10/27/2019 04:55:17 PM


Bosie the Birthday Boy

It’s October 22, and being the anniversary of Lord Alfred Douglas’s birth, it is the traditional time to post about his awfulness.  “Evil queen” and “a dick” are a couple of the memorials that flashed

10/23/2019 04:33:50 AM

Lord Alfred Douglas

Desperate Romantics

I have just finished watching the 2009 BBC 2 series Desperate Romantics, which is streaming for free on Pluto these days.  Ten years down the line, I imagine the statute of limitations on spoilers is

10/20/2019 06:44:42 PM

Art History film


I hate the expression “microaggression.” Don’t get me wrong– I think the concept itself is important. The idea behind it is that it is often not large overt actions but a never-ending series of small

10/11/2019 03:29:28 PM

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