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Meeting Bosie in the Uncanny Valley: My “Interview” with an AI Lord Alfred Douglas

It began when I saw a post on social media mentioning that there were now AI chatbots of Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde with which users can interact. I chatted with a virtual Oscar for a bit (he was fla

3 days ago

Poetry Lord Alfred Douglas Oscar Wilde Robert Ross Impostors Maurice Schwabe computers

The Man Whose Name was Concealed in Oscar Wilde’s Trial: An Interview with Author Laura Lee

I hope you will enjoy this first interview on the topic of my new book Wilde Nights & Robber Barons. In it, I talk about the discovery of letters from Lord Alfred Douglas to his “Darling Pretty” Mauri

6 days ago

Maurice Schwabe Wilde Nights & Robber Barons

Roped In: Oscar Wilde’s Influence in Art and Crime

In this clip Matt Baume delves into the history of the 1948 Hitchcock film “Rope,” which was based on the real-life Leopold and Loeb muirders. What particularly caught my interest was the description

1 week ago

inspiration Lord Alfred Douglas Oscar Wilde Influences Maurice Schwabe Wilde Nights & Robber Barons

Honor Among Thieves and Politicians

It is easy enough to get elected to the House if you can figure out what the voters in a district already want and become that. This seems to be the moral of the story of George Santos, the newly elec

12/28/2022 08:33:21 PM

Culture politics Wilde Nights & Robber Barons

Two Crooks and a Bethlehem Babe

Imagine two of the world’s most notorious swindlers in the middle of dry country in Kansas, singing Christian hymns accompanied by their author on an organ. Indeed, this happened. Rudolf Stallmann aka

12/19/2022 06:46:46 PM