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I want to take a moment for a mini-rant on my new “most hated expression.” The fact that we’ve created an acronym for it makes us much more likely to use it and that, to choose an “I Love Lucy” word,

23 hours ago

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A Lean Knife Between the Ribs of Time

To Hugo, the cathedral, with its heavy towers and its soaring spire leaping weightlessly heavenwards, was a book in which, over the course of two centuries of construction, builders and masons and arc

1 day ago

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Shame For Not Grieving The Right Things

Inevitably, in the immediate aftermath of the burning of Notre Dame, a place that holds a lot of meaning for me, I have been confronted with these kinds of posts. They come from people I follow becaus

3 days ago

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The Mystic Nature of Places

Years ago, long before I’d written any books, I was walking in London. A stranger came up to me and he said he could see my aura. He said the spirits were talking to him and they had a message for me.

4 days ago

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Robert Ross Celebration Dinner

On May 24, the Oscar Wilde Society is holding a dinner to celebrate Robert Ross‘s 150th birthday. (The sound you just heard was Lord Alfred Douglas screaming in his grave.) I happen to have recently c

1 week ago

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