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When Everything is Lobster Telephone

When I am between projects, I often read poetry and dip into surrealism in order to spark something new. I was reading a book of surrealist games. The surrealist movement was an answer to the tyranny

03/04/2023 02:32:33 PM

Art Attention

Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah

A number of years ago I was ready to board an airplane. I had done my share of traveling, and I anticipated the gate clerk’s questions. I set my bag on the scale and announced: “I packed my bags mysel

02/13/2023 06:09:22 PM

identity comedy Identity Theft (Novel) Impostors

The Secret Life of Maurice Schwabe

One of the strange things about researching someone who lived a century ago is that sometimes the very things they worked hardest to keep secret in life have become known, while at the same time, that

02/10/2023 06:16:08 PM

History Writing Lord Alfred Douglas Robert Ross Maurice Schwabe Wilde Nights & Robber Barons

Wild and Wicked Innocence

I finally got around to watching the movie Christopher and His Kind. Christopher Isherwood’s autobiographical account of his time in Berlin features Gerald Hamilton, who is a character in Wilde Nights

02/05/2023 04:50:32 AM

Culture Ethics Time Lord Alfred Douglas Oscar Wilde theater Tradition Enthusiasm

The Wickedest Man Alive

In November 1912, a reporter for John Bull arrived at a flat on 18 Pelham Street in London. He had received a tip that a party of a scandalous character was to take place there. The motives of John Bu

02/01/2023 04:52:36 PM

lgbt mysticism Criminal Justice Robert Ross Maurice Schwabe Wilde Nights & Robber Barons