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Blood, Books and Buttigieg

From time to time social media seems to conspire to throw things together in a way that sparks a bit of reflection. Facebook today reminded me of this ad for my first novel, which came out seven years

14 hours ago

health lgbt Angel (Novel)

Yucky Framing: “Cracking Down” on Homelessness

According to the Washington Post, members of the Trump administration are in California where they toured an unused FAA facility with a view towards converting it into housing for the homeless. You ca

1 week ago

Uncategorized poverty Yucky Framing

Why Wasn’t Wilde’s De Profundis Sent to Lord Alfred Douglas?

One of the great mysteries surrounding Oscar Wilde’s prison manuscript, posthumously titled De Profundis, is why the original hand-written version was never sent to Lord Alfred Douglas. Wilde gave wri

08/03/2019 12:53:54 PM

Oscar Wilde Oscar's Ghost Robert Ross

Bosie: The Case for the Defense

On February 26, the Wandsworth LGBTQ+ Forum hosted a theatrical event, “The Trial of Lord Alfred Douglas,” the mock trial staged at the Oscar Wilde Temple, to determine whether Douglas was guilty of t

05/21/2019 06:23:26 AM

Lord Alfred Douglas Oscar Wilde

15 Bookish Battles

There is an expression that you should never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel. Writers are an emotionally sensitive lot, and the solitude and reflection necessary to the profession

05/19/2019 07:42:04 PM

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