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The Born-Again Unitarian Universalist

What is your conversion story? The time when you (probably metaphorically) walked down the aisle and committed yourself to the faith of Unitarian Universalism? Yes, this is a faith of conversion, or s

01/08/2019 03:09:00 PM

Christmas Never Comes By Itself

Christmas never comes by itself It always brings along its companions of prior years Hanging this ornament on the tree, the one from years ago This one that was my mother’s,  That one the baby made in

12/21/2018 12:51:00 PM

“This view does not necessarily involve immediate optimism.”

UU’s are often familiar with James Luther Adams quote that: “Liberalism holds that the resources (divine and human) that are available for the achievement of meaningful change justify an attitude of u

11/07/2018 10:09:00 AM

A Gen Xer Raised for a Different World Than This

I was not made for this world. My mother was. She was right before the Boomers, the tail end of the Silent Generation. In some ways, she and I, her late-in-life baby, can relate more to each other tha

10/08/2018 10:00:00 AM

Feminism Beloved Community Gen-X

Holding Happiness in the Same Hand with Rage

If only certain people had been given a ukulele when they were young. Little Charlie Grassley, plucking out a tune. Young Lindsey Graham, strumming "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Who knows what might h

10/04/2018 05:52:00 PM