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Ascendant: Modern Essays on Polytheism and Theology

A review of a new book of short essays by modern polytheists, some well-known and others not. They vary in length and emphasis, but they’re all thought-provoking. And at this point in the polytheist r

2 days ago

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Is Boredom A Good Thing?

New York Times book editor Pamela Paul said we should “Let Children Get Bored Again.” While she makes some valid points, boredom was one of the worst parts of my childhood. I promised myself I’d never

4 days ago

Paganism Pagan Books boredom Pamela Paul

Why Is There Suffering? A Modern Pagan Response

Humans have been asking Big Questions for at least as long as we’ve been human. The more you wrestle with them, the more you intuitively understand their magnitude and the impossibility of finding def

6 days ago

Paganism Pagan Spiritual practice suffering polytheism virtues Morrigan Book of Job

Some Days I Feel Like Cassandra

Based on their own words and experiences, some Pagans should be full participants in observing and cataloging the changes in our religious and magical environment, figuring out what they mean, and try

1 week ago

Paganism Pagan polytheism Magic prophecy Cassandra

Paganism In Depth – A New Book

My second book “Paganism In Depth – A Polytheist Approach” is now available for pre-orders. It will be released on June 8. Here are some more details about what’s in the book, how it came to be, and a

1 week ago

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