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But Seriously, I’m Not Ready For This

Every year people die because they try to climb mountains they’re not ready to climb. Sometimes we need to dive into new spiritual work head first. Sometimes we need to go slowly and deliberately. And

4 days ago

Paganism Pagan Spiritual practice polytheism Magic Morgan Daimler J.R.R. Tolkien

6 Ways Paganism Provides Comfort For The Immensities of Life

The Paganism I practice is a deep, robust religion. It is not a religion primarily concerned with our comfort, but it addresses the immensities of life and it does so in an honest and straightforward

6 days ago

Paganism Death Pagan Spiritual practice polytheism Magic Brendan Myers

The Brazen Vessel – A Book Review

This book will seduce you and it will frustrate you. It will frighten you and it will inspire you. If you want your Paganism to be bright and clean and happy, this book isn’t for you. If you understan

1 week ago

Paganism Pagan Books Magic Scarlet Imprint Peter Grey Alkistis Dimech

You Will Never Be Ready – Do It Anyway

I could tell you you’re good enough but you wouldn’t believe me. Instead I will tell you that the work needs to be done and there is no one else to do it. And I will urge you to listen to that voice d

1 week ago

Paganism Pagan Spiritual practice polytheism Magic Camelia Elias Dunning-Kruger

What It Means When We Talk About “The Universe”

When we talk about “the Universe” there are almost always unstated assumptions behind our words, assumptions that are not in alignment with the religion we practice. We’ve just always assumed they wer

1 week ago

Paganism Pagan polytheism Foundations and Context assumptions worldview foundational assumptions the Universe