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Keeping a Plague Diary

Ten or a hundred or a thousand years from now, someone is going to want to know what the effect of the pandemic and the response was on ordinary people. They’re going to want to hear from people who n

2 days ago

Paganism Pagan community Journaling coronavirus COVID-19 diary Ruth Gibbs

Gatekeeping, Boundaries, and Vetting

Gatekeeping is what happens when people without authority arbitrarily decide who is and isn’t worthy of being in a movement. But other times what seems like gatekeeping is really a legitimate boundary

4 days ago

Paganism Pagan community polytheism Boundaries Witchcraft Feri gatekeeping vetting

5 Things to Pay Attention to During the Lockdown

I’m trying to strike a balance between staying informed and not obsessing about things I can’t control. But in this upheaval of ordinary life, I see some things I need to pay special attention to. And

6 days ago

Paganism Pagan community isolation coronavirus COVID-19 social distancing quarantine

I’m Better Than Vanessa Ives – I Hope To Be As Good As Vanessa Ives

Why am I writing about a fictional character in a TV show that ended four years ago? Sometimes something gets into my head and I have to write it out, and once I do I might as well share it in case so

1 week ago

Paganism Pagan myth Witchcraft Eva Green Penny Dreadful Vanessa Ives

Stop Looking For Universal Religion

As Pagans and polytheists, we don’t need universal religion. We search for truth in many realms, and our religions are the beliefs and practices that bind us together with each other and with our Gods

1 week ago

Paganism atheism Pagan polytheism Foundations and Context Animism metaphysics Bob Seidensticker