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Religion is Inherently Political and I’ve Chosen a Side

A question on Twitter asked “is there space for the non-left, or pro-life in Paganism or Polytheism anymore?” I gave a Twitter-length response, but the question deserves a more in-depth answer.

10 hours ago

Paganism Pagan community politics Tolerance polytheism Paradox of Tolerance

We Have Only the Rights the Majority Deigns to Give Us

This is a horrible day in the history of the United States. A majority of the Supreme Court believes we have only the rights the majority deigns to give us. So we have to form a new majority that insi

2 days ago

community politics abortion Supreme Court abortion rights Roe v. Wade Dobbs

Are Self-Given Titles Valid?

It comes down to one simple thing: do the deeds match the words? Do you do the things that other people who carry that title do, and do you do them with a suitable degree of competence and commitment?

4 days ago

Paganism Pagan community priesthood Ursa Sylvest

Which God are White Christian Nationalists Praying To?

We live in a society dominated by monotheism in general and Protestant Christianity in particular. It’s important that we understand these questions on our own terms and not default to the foundationa

1 week ago

Paganism Pagan gods and goddesses polytheism syncretism multiplicity white Christian nationalists

Devotional Art: A New Morrigan Statue

Devotional artwork is a tangible reminder of the spiritual presence of our Gods. It gives us a clear focus for meditation, contemplation, and worship. This new statue of the Morrigan is a meaningful,

1 week ago

Paganism Pagan gods and goddesses Morrigan joe laudati devotional art Got Deity statues