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Are You Hexed or Are You Living in a Pandemic in a Dysfunctional Society?

When you can’t find ordinary explanations it’s time to start looking for magical explanations – and sometimes we do. But if you feel like you’re being hexed, there’s an ordinary explanation you may be

1 day ago

Paganism Pagan Magic curses covid Diana Rajchel hexes

It’s OK to Enjoy Stuff

Everything doesn’t have to have a deep meaning or purpose. There’s a place for mindless entertainment and for guilty pleasures for which we should feel absolutely no guilt. You like what you like and

3 days ago

Paganism Pagan community Bat Out of Hell Jim Steinman Meat Loaf Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Connecting to Gods for Whom There is Little Lore

If you’re called to help establish or re-establish the worship of a deity for whom there is little lore, you’ve got a lot of work in front of you. But it’s doable work. What an amazing opportunity to

5 days ago

Paganism Pagan Mythology gods and goddesses polytheism Cernunnos Danu Gundestrup Cauldron lore

Imbolc – The Promise of Spring

Imbolc is the Promise of Spring. It reminds us that no matter how cold it is right now, warmer days are coming. The snow will melt. The trees will bud and begin to produce new fruit. This year I need

1 week ago

Paganism Pagan Imbolc myth spring Promise

Seeing the Reality of Gods, Spirits, and Magic

I’m convinced that almost everyone can experience the reality of Gods, spirits, and magic. It takes time and effort, but mainly it takes knowing what to look for. Make sure you’re not missing real exp

1 week ago

Paganism Pagan polytheism Magic Mat Auryn Morgan Daimler Dean Radin Aidan Wa