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Defeating Imposter Syndrome with Observation and Determination

Imposter syndrome goes beyond genuine humility. It lies about your own accomplishments and exaggerates the accomplishments of others. And the worst part of imposter syndrome isn’t how it makes you fee

2 days ago

Paganism Pagan Spiritual practice amanda palmer polytheism fraud police imposter syndrome impostor syndrome

Game of Thrones: Did You Really Expect a Happy Ending?

We were never going to get a happy ending. Honestly, I expected more deaths and far more chaos. What we got was as good as we were ever going to get. And also, we got eight seasons of brilliant entert

4 days ago

Paganism Pagan Books Game of Thrones A Song of Fire and Ice George R.R. Martin

Priesthood as Service to the Gods

Serving my community is part of my priesthood. But I am also called to serve Them directly in the ways that They request/demand, for reasons that are known only to Them, and that have no obvious value

6 days ago

Paganism Pagan gods and goddesses polytheism Morgan Daimler priesthood pagan priesthood

Dealing With Catholic Envy in the Pagan World

I understand envy of the institutions and infrastructure of Catholics and other Christians. But envy isn’t helpful. Let’s become the best Pagans we can be, and then build the institutions and infrastr

1 week ago

Paganism Pagan community polytheism catholic Catholicism envy

Sacrificing Women’s Lives on the Altar of Political Purity

These new laws with their harsh punishments are not about reducing the number of abortions. They’re about allowing politicians to tell themselves and their anti-abortion supporters that their hands ar

1 week ago

community abortion Pro-Choice Al Mohler heartbeat bill pro-life