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Not So Much…

I shared a sermon over the weekend (August 30) with my congregation that has gotten a lot of interest. I’m posting it here in video and as a text file so that other folks can reflect on it and and con

2 weeks ago


What Is the Toll?

I am a minister, I am black and I serve a predominantly white congregation.  The definition “white congregation” extends beyond the physical and also appears in priorities and perceptions of the congr

3 weeks ago

justice race racial justice People of Color Jacob Blake


I went out for a run this morning for first time in almost two years.  It was brutal and truth be told it was more of a walk and an occasional slow sprint than anything else, but it is a start.  At on

08/21/2020 03:53:17 PM

health bodies coronavirus COVID-19 Massage Therapy

Racial Cred

I make it a habit to never question someone’s racial cred.  In a world of blended families, interracial families and trans-racial adoptions, none of us has any business questioning someone else’s raci

08/20/2020 03:23:38 PM

racism race bodies Women's rights black lives matter @KamalaHarris colorism

A Prayer for John Lewis

Black Lives Matter. I know there are people who will not read on after seeing these words.  Black Lives Matter is a statement that has become political and polarizing even though it is not intended to

07/27/2020 11:37:10 PM

race equity black lives matter Rep. John Lewis