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“Meta” Supremacy

The self-conscious approach to dismantling white supremacy reinforces white priorities thereby affirming white supremacy. Having a person of color on your board, on your staff, leading your organizati

1 week ago

Culture race equity White Supremacy People of Color Indigenous whiteness true diversity

Hattie Wins the Prize

In 1937 Zora Neale Hurston published her groundbreaking novel Their Eyes Were Watching God. In 1939 Marian Anderson sang on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in protest of the Daughters of the America

08/11/2021 05:28:12 PM

resilience Blackness Black Womanhood

The Wrong Medicine

*trigger warning – this piece includes reference to my experience with sexual violence. Watching the situation surrounding Governor Andrew Cuomo unfold, I keep coming back to the very powerful sense t

08/05/2021 01:28:43 PM

sexuality bodies Women's rights Gender Liberation Male Identity masculinity Sexual Violence

Naming the Principles

Where Are UUs? As I look at the news this week of more unmarked graves found at former “Indian Schools” in Canada, and as I hear the news of the inquiry now expanding to the United States, it feels li

06/26/2021 02:48:25 PM

Religion Unitarian Universalism Love seven principles Indigenous whiteness Indian/ Native American Native Indian School

A Black Response to Tim Kreider on Reentry

I am incredibly lucky. I am a well-paid religious professional who is able to live in a certain amount of moderate luxury as a single gay man. I work and navigate some fairly impressive academic and c

05/31/2021 02:53:10 PM

race whiteness COVID-19 Blackness Reentry