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A Good Guy With a Penis…

Now that, thanks to Alabama, we are on the road BACK to the Supreme Court to legislate women’s bodies, their rights and their legitimacy, I’m wondering where the good guy with a penis comes in? “Gun r

1 week ago

Religion abortion bodies Women's rights Gun Control Alabama Male Identity planned parenthood #HB314 Rep. Terri Collins

Not Just Christianity, Not Just Crime

With the entry of Joe Biden into the Democratic race for the presidency in 2020, I feel like the field is complete.  Anyone else getting in the game at this point is most likely on the wrong side of t

4 weeks ago

Religion politics election Prison Reform People of Color #Biden2020

There IS evil…

Children around the world are taught basic lessons as they learn language, culture and how to navigate among their fellow embodied human beings.  Children are taught that harming others is bad and inf

03/27/2019 08:35:35 PM

economics Government Ability Betsy De Vos Green New Deal Special Olympics

A United State of Division

A United State of Division one America wants private and independent the other wants public and shared everything one America wants everyone to win the other wants only to be the winner one America is

03/25/2019 01:49:39 PM

peace politics America United States Republican Democrat Mueller Report

Liberal Religion…Where Are You?

Religious liberty is under attack, and liberals, progressives and even the centrist Democratic Party is nowhere to be found.  Not a single Democratic candidate has found their footing in addressing th

03/22/2019 01:53:05 PM

Religion faith politics abortion lgbt bodies religious liberty Government election planned parenthood abortion rights Mississippi