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…the right to be an individual. My blackness is more than slavery. My blackness is a 400 year battle for human rights: The right to family The right to property The right to education The right to cit

2 days ago

race equity #1619Project #400Years #MyBlacknessIs #SlaveryNoMore

Huddled Masses

As I stood on the forward upper deck of the ship looking toward New York Harbor, I felt a great sense of relief.  The crossing had been incredibly difficult, and both the ship and the crew were signif

1 week ago

immigration Emma Lazarus Statue of Liberty liberty Ken Cuccinelli Legend of the Seas

Dear Gun Advocates,

Dear Gun Advocates, I know many of you, and I want you to know that I love you.  But I do not trust you.  Please understand that I do not think you are bad people; I know you are not.  I just don’t tr

2 weeks ago

peace truth Gun Control Mass Shooting Male Identity gun violence #guncontrolnow gun ownership

Repeal and Replace

Too often the power of the US Constitution has not come from what it actually says but rather from the underlying perspectives and assumptions that were made by its 18th Century authors: White men are

2 weeks ago

Death politics bodies Gun Control Government Mass Shooting Congress US Constitution gun violence #guncontrolnow


Donald Trump is not a racist. Donald Trump is the love child that results from the orgy of Reaganomics, the 1994 Crime Bill, Clarence Thomas, Citizens United and the century-long defeat of anti-lynchi

3 weeks ago

politics Government donald trump election 2020 Democratic Debate Marianne Williamson