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A Prayer for Motherhood

Pray for mothers and motherhood, That most sacred place between being and not being The gift of grace The promise of personhood The dawn and the dusk. For, mothers everywhere Mothers of all kinds Give

1 week ago

abortion bodies equity Women's rights Gender Liberation Religious Equity motherhood

Birthday Wish

This picture is my 6th birthday in 1971.  Monday April, 18, marks exactly 51 years later.  When I was six, my biggest wishes were for model cars and G.I. Joes.  The boy to my right was also named Adam

04/16/2022 05:15:40 PM

faith equity religious liberty religious freedom Religious Equity Happy Birthday

White Bricks

  Congregational polity is destroying people of color in Unitarian Universalism. I am currently in the process of returning to work after a 5 month medical leave.  In September, I realized that stress

03/14/2022 02:34:37 PM

Unitarian Universalism governance People of Color Congregational polity

The Anti-Equity Agenda

…The comfort of invisibility, the ease of ignorance As I continue to study the ethical foundations of equity, particularly as those foundations show up in public policy, I learn more about the various

02/09/2022 04:09:21 PM

Education equity woke Florida whiteness Blackness DeSantis

Sacred Choices

“You have to pick. That’s the fundamental problem. And one interest has to prevail over the other at any given point in time, and that’s why this is so challenging, I think.”[1] – Justice Brett Kavana

12/05/2021 03:16:46 PM

Unitarian Universalism abortion bodies Supreme Court Women's rights Roe v. Wade Religious Equity