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‘Round Midnight

And so it begins… The public and judicial enshrinement of the idea that “sincerely held belief” and “religious liberty” supersede public good, health and general wellbeing started last night when the

11/26/2020 04:38:12 PM

Religion justice lgbt Supreme Court LGBTQ Religious Equity


What is reparations to me? It is not financial It is not legislative It is not policy based or retro-fit in any way. Those answers Accept as truth The systems that created and continue the harm. Those

11/23/2020 06:02:25 PM

Religion sexuality peace bodies liberty LGBTQ reparations Religious Equity

For Kamala

So proud of you. ❤️❤️

11/08/2020 12:11:56 AM

politics election @KamalaHarris #election2020

When Belief Becomes Policy…

I recently began studying for a Master in Public Policy degree at Tufts University.  Someone asked me why I was doing this when I already had a Master of Divinity degree and they wondered how the degr

11/05/2020 03:32:52 PM

Religion belief equity Government Religious Equity Tufts University Public Policy

Stopping Harm

At the warm encouragement of several folks in my congregation, I’m cross posting my homily from November 1 here.  My message begins at 11:06

11/01/2020 05:04:02 PM

peace #election2020