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We’re F**ked

Several years ago, I published a blog, “Rev. Prep” as my personal, public statement affirming that one can be religious and gay and sexual and engaged in promoting safer sex.  Although I use a differe

1 week ago

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Liberty and Equity

“Liberty is not liberty when it functions at the expense of equity.” Liberty is not liberty when it functions at the expense of equity.  This is the basic premise of my research. My field is ethics wi

08/10/2022 04:14:46 PM

equity liberty

A Brand New Day

“All I ask is no hate.  I’m on the path to be a minister and I’m living a life that is dedicated to love.  Although I draw much of my own personal theology from Christian teaching, I recognize that my

07/28/2022 12:13:42 PM

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A United State of Inequity

The most inequitable activity on the planet is the continued erasure of women’s agency to their full humanity.  We see this in rape as a weapon and as a result of political conflict or as an expressio

06/25/2022 02:17:47 AM

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Being Well

Last month, I had the great privilege of delivering the baccalaureate address for the class of 2022 at Amherst College.  This was such an honor and I am incredibly grateful to Harrison Blum and the wh

06/07/2022 05:45:06 PM

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