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Daily Bread #48

I got a new jacket this week as my old one was so large it was ridiculous.  I got the new one a bit on the small side as I am planning to shrink-to-fit it better.  I am slowly learning how to shop for

6 days ago

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Daily Bread #47

I am getting back to my routine:  knowing how many calories I consume, exercising and noting the calories I am burning, and drinking lots of water.  This is all so much easier at home.  I admire the f

1 week ago

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A gentle breeze on a hot day Can be a welcome gift A subtle rustling of refreshment Drying our sweat As evaporation works Its miracle. We give thanks for the wind.   On a hot beach With a breeze less

2 weeks ago


Daily Bread #46

I am back from my trip, and pleased to report that while my progress slowed (only a 1.6 pound loss in two weeks) it did not stall or reverse.  I enjoyed myself and indulged in 3 very large-for-me meal

2 weeks ago

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Family, Faith, and Breaking Bread #45

I just returned from Texas where we attended the UURMaPA (Unitarian Universalist Retired Ministers and Partners) conference and spent a few extra days in Austin visiting the family of one of Anne’s Si

3 weeks ago

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