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Easter Came

I wasn’t ready for Easter But it came anyway The stone had been in place So long The tomb was small And lonely But felt safe In its own weird way It is like that I suppose We can get used to almost an

2 weeks ago

Poetry Easter pandemic

After Being Vaccinated

I may climb out of my cave soon Go to a store Visit some friends Hug my kids Play with their cats 9 more days and they say I’ll be good Safe from death At least from this virus A year is a long time I

03/19/2021 04:46:48 AM

Poetry vaccine


Sometimes I need to hunker down Crawl deep beneath the sand To feel the weight of the warm earth And silence like a balm I close my eyes Almost like sleep And breathe with open lungs Oh for a ship whe

03/07/2021 05:30:59 PM



They say that soon We should be back to normal Whatever that is Whatever that was I have always been rather proud Of not being normal But this last year has been so odd I think am ready to try normal

03/05/2021 04:55:42 AM

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Daily Bread #131

I last wrote about my weight management journey on October 4, 2020. At that time my total weight loss was 183.5 pounds, and I was only interested in maintaining that weight and not in losing any more.

02/26/2021 09:05:00 PM

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