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Trapped somewhere between Despair and desperation The heart beats weakly The lungs take uneven breaths Shall we sink down and let The ashes of the earth Cover our bodies And deaden our souls Or shall

5 days ago

Poetry #blacklivesmatter George Floyd

Daily Bread #113

My old hiking boots are falling apart, so I ordered a new pair from REI.  It is weird buying shoes through the mail, but that is the world we live in now.  Miracle of miracles though, they fit really

5 days ago

Musings #blacklivesmatter Kaiser Medical Weight Management Posts pandemic

Daily Bread #112

Loma Alto means “high hill” in Spanish, which was the first European language spoken in this area. Loma Alta is the second highest peak in Marin County, California at 1592 feet.  The proper spelling i

1 week ago

Musings Kaiser Medical Weight Management Posts


I can walk uphill With confidence Meeting the challenges Reaching the summits Sometimes I check the map But the goal stays clear And the view can dazzle me.   A descent is harder It feels like falling

2 weeks ago


Daily Bread #111

It is now the third week of real maintenance, of being a “normal” weight, one that feels comfortable. My intention is to stay a tad under 150 pounds for the rest of my life.  This will mean I will go

2 weeks ago

Musings Kaiser Medical Weight Management Posts pandemic