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Plants are amazing

Last night, I watched (again) the documentary, What Plants Talk About. Did you know that plants change their chemistry based on the environmental stressors they experience? So, for example, if a certa

2 days ago

spirituality healing science Permaculture Awake to Earth Herbs Orchard Comfrey Holistic Orchard Plants medicinal herbs Garlic Scapes Stinging Nettles

A Little Beauty

The esplanade, the former hell strip, is now a thing of beauty, and this small beauty is good for my soul. I finally finished mulching between all of these hardy perennial plants with cardboard and wo

2 days ago

spirituality beauty Permaculture Awake to Earth Garden Earth Community Mulch

Decolonization Lessons from Plants

After spending a week going through soil to remove bittersweet roots, I have been thinking about invasive bittersweet as a visceral metaphor for colonization. Bittersweet comes into an area by seeds o

3 weeks ago

spirituality healing Awake to Earth Awake to Each Other colonization Bittersweet Brokenness Indigenous Plants Decolonization Invasive Plants Plantain

Transplanting the Mulberry Tree

One of the principles of permaculture is to observe, and then adapt.  So last year, we had planted a mulberry tree in a particular spot, but it was not doing very well, not getting enough sun. (I got

3 weeks ago

spirituality Permaculture Awake to Earth Earth Community colonization Sheet Mulching Bittersweet observation Mulberry Tree Invasive Plants Lasagna Gardening

“Friends of the Indian”

Permaculture teaches us to observe the patterns in nature, and I thought of patterns when I saw this circle of chives after the last rain storm. Plants are so beautiful, especially when they bloom. Es

4 weeks ago

spirituality Permaculture allies Awake to Each Other colonization Indigenous Decolonization Indian patterns Alice Fletcher Allotment Dawes Act