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Looking On

Lately, my life is small, as if I am looking on to life happening nearby, just like these frogs looking out over the edge of the pond. So many big things going on in the world, much frightening, some

10 hours ago

spirituality White Supremacy Awake to Each Other Indigenous Rights colonization sovereignty Small Indian Innu Quebec Frogs Eastern "Metis" Race shifting Saguenay

So Many Small Birds!

I feel such delight in all the small birds that love to be in our yard. Yesterday morning, the gold finches were all over the evening primrose stalks, eating seeds. Native self-seeded wildflowers for

2 weeks ago

spirituality joy Birds Awake to Earth Garden Earth Community Turkey Goldfinches Evening Primrose Wildflowers

Peach Abundance

Those of you who perhaps followed my peach tree saga last year might remember that after hours and hours of tending–including several organic sprays, thinning the small green peaches, putting little m

3 weeks ago

spirituality gratitude Mystery Birds Awake to Earth Awake to Mystery Garden Orchard Gift abundance Peach Tree Squirrel Gluten Free Peach Cobbler Peaches

Rain, lilies, and tiny frogs

We finally got two solid rain storms this past week after a long drought. What a relief! And now four very tiny frogs have appeared in the pond. (I don’t know what happened to the one we had before th

08/25/2022 05:45:27 PM

spirituality rain Awake to Earth Water Earth Community drought Pond Frogs Pond lily

To Be of Use

Yesterday morning, I was sitting next to the pond, writing in my journal. After I’d been there, and quiet for a long time, this chipmunk approached the other side of the pond, climbed down the rocks a

08/18/2022 03:18:45 PM

spirituality gratitude chronic illness Awake to Earth Water reciprocity bees Garden Earth Community drought Pond Squirrel chipmunk Algae