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Anishinaabe Land

In an earlier post, I began to explore which Indigenous people belonged to the land where my East Frisian ancestors had settled in the 1850s.  But I had not done that for the land where I was born, in

23 hours ago

spirituality Michigan Awake to Each Other Language colonization Historical Trauma Decolonization Land Anishinaabe Great Lakes Louise Erdrich

Angela Andrew

I just learned today that Angela Andrew, an Innu artist in what is now Labrador, best known for her crafting of traditional Innu tea dolls, died February 5th at the age of 72. I posted earlier about t

1 week ago

spirituality Awake to Each Other Language Indigenous Innu Angela Andrew Innu Tea Doll Innu-Aimun

Ancestors and Whiteness

Can learning about our own ancestors help white people in undoing white supremacy and colonization? Or could it possibly be a distraction from the real work? When did our ancestors become “white” inst

2 weeks ago

spirituality White Supremacy Awake to Each Other ancestors Illinois colonization Land DNA East Friesland German White people


At winter solstice, the sun begins to rise earlier each morning, but only by about one minute every couple days.  As we approach the spring equinox, the changes begin to quicken, each day the sun rise

3 weeks ago

spirituality spring Awake to Earth Cardinal Capisic Brook Walk Dawn Equinox Sunrise Turkey

Moments of Joy

I saw a group of cardinals on my walk today! I haven’t seen them all winter, but as I stood still, watching the beauty of Capisic Brook, first one and then another and then more appeared in the distan

4 weeks ago

spirituality joy Earth Awake to Earth Cardinal Awake to Mystery Water Capisic Brook Walk fire Air