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Roadside Garden Flowers

This is my favorite time of year for the roadside garden. The flowers are in contrasting colors of bright yellow, purple/blue, and white, with lovely green leaves of all shapes and sizes. Despite the

3 days ago

spirituality beauty rain spring flowers Awake to Earth Garden Earth Community Turkish Rocket Siberian Iris Robin Eggs Daisies June

Pond lily surfacing

Last fall, I moved my pond lily plant, pot and all, to the bottom of the pond, from where it had been positioned on a step about 18 inches down. This was to help it survive freezing temperatures in wi

3 days ago

spirituality spring Awake to Earth Water Garden Earth Community Pond Perennials Sweetflag Blue flag iris Pond lily

Certified Wildlife Habitat

It’s official. We’ve been designated by the National Wildlife Federation as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. This means that our garden “provides natural sources of food, water, cover, and places to rais

1 week ago

spirituality Birds Awake to Earth Water Sustainability Garden Earth Community Habitat Pond wildlife Frogs native plants Evening Primrose Certified Wildlife Habitat National Wildlife Federation

Roadside Garden

The last couple days I have been sprucing up the roadside strip in front of our house. I had left all the leaves and old dead plant droppings all spring, better for soil enrichment and habitat for ins

1 week ago

spirituality beauty Permaculture Awake to Earth Garden Earth Community Turkish Rocket Wood Chips wildlife Organic Chelsea Flower Show Cornflower Hardy perennials

Frogs and tadpoles in the pond

The green frogs are back in the pond. I saw one about a week ago, but yesterday I managed to get a photo. As I got near, another frog dove down to the bottom–so there are two. Once again it is lovely

2 weeks ago

spirituality Stillness Awake to Earth Water Interconnection Earth Community Pond Ferns Sweetflag Green Frog Algae Tadpole Kiwhoswasq Muskrat root