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What Do You Want to Want?

Part 1. So. Desire. But WHICH desires? Have you noticed how many of the seven deadly sins are desires? Lust, gluttony, greed. Envy is a comparative desire: comparing myself to others, I desire as good

4 days ago


Grief Amid Denial

Seven weeks ago, on December 23, I preached a sermon, “Reality Amid Ideology.” The ideology at issue was exceptionalism – the sense of being God’s favorite and under a special divine blessing. US exce

1 week ago

The Prophetic

Prophetic Grief: Four Poems

Our country has a profound need acknowledge loss, to give voice to grief and thereby relinquish our clinging to an imagined past. Giving voice to grief, to sadness about loss, is a key task of the pro

1 week ago

The Prophetic

Creature Comforts

I was intrigued to learn that the word desire comes from the Latin de sidere . “Sidere” is the root of “sidereal,” meaning “of or relating to the stars.” The suggestion is that our desires are “writte

2 weeks ago


God is Not One

On Friday a couple days ago, one of our congregation’s members posted on the Facebook “CUUC Forum” a helpful bit of information (HERE). He wrote, “How many times have we all been in the situation wher

3 weeks ago

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