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I. We are reflecting, this month, on the theme: transformation. Last week, I talked about having a vow to guide your life – discerning what is your calling, and pursuing it. Now, a vow is not a goal.

18 hours ago

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What's Your Great Vow?

I. Transformation is our theme for December. Change, of course, is inevitable. We can’t help but change. The first task is to accept this – don’t try to fight change, and when it comes, as it is conti

1 week ago

Sermons Vow

The Thanksgiving Story, As Amended

READING From Isabell Call, “Thanksgrieving" Although both Native American and Europeans had feasts expressing gratitude during harvest time, the Europeans who arrived on this continent were incredibly

3 weeks ago

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Interdependence is our theme for November, and trust is what allows our interdependence to best function and flourish. Trust. Sissela Bok says:“Whatever matters to human beings, trust is the atmospher

4 weeks ago

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It’s November – the month of elections, and of Thanksgiving – and Veterans Day, which used to be called Armistice Day. Leaves fill up the yards. Sweater weather segues into parka weather. And our them

11/05/2023 09:11:00 PM