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The Better Your Boundary, the Less You Need a Border

Crossing the Line, part 2 of 2 Having good boundaries solves the 84th problem. Do you know what the 84th problem is? (I’ve told the parable before -- HERE -- and it's worth re-telling). The Buddha com

06/10/2019 04:20:00 PM


Good Boundaries

Crossing the Line, part 1 of 2 Some lines, it’s good to cross. Other lines are better respected. Edwin Markham (1852-1940) You’ve probably heard the verse by Edwin Markham, titled “Outwitted.” He drew

06/09/2019 09:59:00 PM

Hope Amid Despair

The call to neighborliness is the promise we have made to mystery. I am not entirely clear on what that means – even though it’s my own sentence. Still I felt when I first wrote it and feel still that

04/26/2019 11:26:00 PM

hope Brueggemann

Whose Jesus?

I served our congregation in Gainesville, Florida for seven years before leaving there to put myself at your disposal. One of my neighbor colleague ministers in Florida at that time was the Rev. Naomi

04/26/2019 03:01:00 AM


Charge to the Minister

On Sun Apr 7, I was at Fourth Universalist Society (160 Central Park West, Manhattan) for the ordination of Leonisa Ardizzone, with whom I had a mentoring relationship during 2016-17, while she was a

04/10/2019 09:16:00 PM