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UU Minute #100

Young Waldo William Emerson, distinguished minister of Boston’s First Church, drew his congregation with him into Unitarianism. So Ralph Waldo, born in 1803, the fourth of William’s eight children, gr

1 week ago

Home, Thanksgiving, and Stories

What is home? When are you home? Home: where you hang your hat; where the heart is. Sweet home. It is the place of your belonging – a theme of Thanksgiving, and, indeed, belonging is the centerpoint f

1 week ago


UU Minute #99

Emerson Re-defines Us “Channing’s Baltimore Sermon, Emerson’s Divinity School Address, and Parker’s South Boston Sermon have long been accepted as the three great classic utterances of American Unitar

2 weeks ago

UU Minute

UU Minute #98

We are Unitarian Universalists: the confluence of two mighty streams – the Unitarian and the Universalist -- that flowed together in 1961. And we are Universalists, not because we believe what Hosea B

3 weeks ago

UU Minute

UU Minute #97

For Universalists, everyone goes to heaven. But for Universalists prior to Hosea Ballou, not everyone goes there right away. We endure a period of punishment, proportionate to our wickedness, before a

4 weeks ago

UU Minute