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Public opinion is a crucial factor in the democratic society.

 It is an important medium for the achievement of the consent of the governed. Under contemporary conditions, however, it is an elusive and even a deceptive thing. Indeed, a semblance of public opinio

23 hours ago


Prophetic religion rejects the absolute claims

 of any particular religion or culture for itself as well as insisting that culture and the man of culture are deluded when they deem themselves self-sufficient. James Luther Adams, “The Political Res

1 day ago


The ultimate orientation of prophetic religion

reveals elements of vanity and idolatry in every cultural activity and also in every cultural expression of religion. James Luther Adams, “The Political Responsibility of the Man of Culture,” Voluntar

2 days ago


“‘The engineering of consent’

 at the hands of power elites has become a characteristic technique of our time, in both the totalitarian and the ostensibly democratic societies. Indeed, in some sociological circles the intellectual

3 days ago


Economic as well as political instrumentalities today exhibit great centralized power,

and in varying ways they manipulate the mass media of communication–the press, the cinema, and television. James Luther Adams, “The Political Responsibility of the Man of Culture,” Voluntary Associati

4 days ago