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In a free church the liberty of prophesying must make room for dissent,

especially by reason of the tyranny that can be imposed by an arrogant majority. “By the bowels of Christ,” warned Oliver Cromwell, “remember that you may be mistaken.” James Luther Adams, “Radical La

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The liberty of prophesying about social and institutional evils certainly belongs to the minister.

 But in radical laicism the trained minister should as it were take the congregation along into the pulpit. That congregation brings with it its experience from its various occupations and perspective

08/29/2019 02:00:13 PM


The prophethood of believers

entails the obligation to share in the analysis, criticism, and transformation of institutions, including the analysis and transformation of the church. It requires the capacity to discern and define

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Radical laicism, stemming from the Reformation,

has asserted that the creative and transforming powers are accessible to the individual but at the same time call for the covenant of common responsibilities. James Luther Adams, “Radical Laicism,” Th

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God’s Wager

The Jewish philosopher Hans Jonas, an exile from Nazi Germany , in his Ingersoll Lecture at Harvard Divinity School ( 1962), has suggested that in making unlimited freedom possible for the human being

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