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Digital Sabbatical

Next week would have been my 18th consecutive Rites of Spring in the Berkshires. Deep off the grid where I can’t even get internet if I want to.  It’s great to not have access to the world for a few d

05/13/2020 04:57:34 AM


A Secret Love ***1/2

A wonderful and sweet story about a lesbian couple that lived as “friends” for most of the 70 years of their relationship.  Dealing with the closet, long term love, the All American Girls Baseball Lea

05/07/2020 01:31:48 AM


A Month of Blogging Again

I decided to blog every day in April. It’s been a while since I was blogging a lot.  It’s seems like I’m either all in or that I don’t blog at all.  It was good to blog again every day this month.  I

05/01/2020 04:22:19 AM


A More Compassionate Tomorrow

Times are bad. Times are weird. A lot of us aren’t working. A lot of us are working less. We are all afraid. We are all wondering what is next. It’s proof to me that we need a society to be better to

04/30/2020 02:36:42 AM


Toy Story 4 **1/2 

Very disappointing.  I’m not sure why it was made.  Forky may be the worst character of the series.  Sometimes trash is just trash.  Ridiculous too.  I guess Pixar can have some misses occasionally. 

04/29/2020 03:55:18 AM