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A different survival

Last week, Gracie, who is in 8th grade, called me from school, crying. Their class had just watched the videos from 9/11, videos that included a lot of the live footage, and the photographs that came

09/17/2019 04:50:18 AM

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Start with the thirst the deep well you have been forgetting, ancient and ready to be soaked without shame the well your grandmothers dug for you the reservoir carved and cared for by the people your

08/23/2019 07:00:41 AM

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Weeds, a Sabbatical Story

I know it sounds naive, but I swear at the start, I thought it was a one-time thing. Granted, they were everywhere, so I know it wasn’t going to be simple, or short term.  But, still, I thought if I …

08/17/2019 08:54:45 AM

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Reunion, a Sabbatical Story

What does it mean to meet again? After months, or years, or decades, to encounter another that we have not seen, or kept fully in touch with, especially one we once knew well, one we were close to, wh

08/12/2019 09:39:44 PM

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Shows, a Sabbatical Story

I trace my love affair with TV to Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. Moonlighting ran from when I was 10 to 14, a time when I had a super small TV in my room.  Before I even knew it was … Continue read

08/11/2019 08:58:25 AM

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