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TaglineThe Human Spirit will offer Reverend Tom's, and other's, reflection on how we can live in the world with authenticity, wisdom, and congruency.
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“Science and Mysticism: the Power of Awe” by Reverend Tom Capo preached on 12/8/2019

Readings            From The Science of Awe written by Summer Allen, PhD: “[Awe results when] any stimulus exceeds a person’s normal range of experience in one attribute or another… [Awe] leads to a ‘

5 days ago

science mysticism awe Albert Einstein Dispositional Positive Emotion Scale the awe subscale the Science of Awe

“Attending beyond the Patriarchal Paradigm” preached by Reverend Tom Capo on November 24, 2019

Story Thousands of years ago, some men decided which books would be put in the Christian Bible, and which books were kept out.   This story comes from one of those books that was not put in the Bible

2 weeks ago

Theology Unitarian Universalism Feminism feminist theology Thecla

"What are You Listening For?" preached by Reverend Tom Capo on November 17, 2019

Meditation I invite you to practice Lectio Divina.   Lectio Divina is a traditional Benedictine practice of readings, meditation and prayer.   Read this poem by Mary Oliver six times.   During the fir

3 weeks ago

unitarian universalist listening Lectio Divina intentional listening

“This is My Soul’s Address” by Revered Tom Capo preached on 11/10/2019

Christian Bible Gospel of Luke 10:29-37 29  But wanting to justify himself, he asked Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?” 30  Jesus replied, “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell into

11/11/2019 08:25:00 PM

unitarian universalist Buddhism compassion Buddha Good Samaritan body dysmorphia eating disorder self compassion

"Practicing Attention" with African Folktale, reading by Windell Berry, meditation and sermon by Reverend Tom Capo, preached on 11/3/2019

African Folk Tale Once there was a blind man who lived with his sister in a hut near the forest. Well, the blind man’s sister fell in love with a hunter, and they were married. When the wedding feast

11/04/2019 07:53:00 PM

meditation mindfulness Letting Go coping with media feeling overwhelmed