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TaglineThe Human Spirit will offer Reverend Tom's, and other's, reflection on how we can live in the world with authenticity, wisdom, and congruency.
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The Mysterious Us, a goodbye sermon to DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church by Reverend Tom Capo

Story Once upon a time, there was a puppet made of salt who had traveled a long time through dry places and deserts until one evening he came to the sea.  He had never before seen anything like it and

12/20/2018 03:36:00 PM

Goodbye Mystery Robert Bly

Remembering Life's Gifts and Grace by Reverend Tom Capo

Reading: The Gift by Unitarian Universalist, Reverend David Blanchard Sometimes I think I can teach my children things that will make life better for them as they grow up.   I want to believe I can pr

12/07/2018 03:31:00 PM

Grace gifts Unitarian Uninversalism presents

What You See is What You Get: Tuning our Vision toward Love by Sarah Cledwyn preached at DuPage UU Church on 9/23/2018

Several years ago I encountered a profound shift in my life. My marriage ended, I moved.   My financial future and my work life were in flux.   On top of everything I developed a herniated disk in my

09/24/2018 04:28:00 PM

vision trauma Rumi PTSD Post Traumatic growth

Living the Best Vision of Ourselves by Reverend Tom Capo

Reflection An Amidah is the core of every Jewish worship service, and is therefore also referred to as “The prayer.” Amidah, which literally means, “standing,” refers to a series of blessings recited

09/18/2018 06:01:00 PM

Unitarian Universalist vision Yom Kippur Rosh Hashanah humanist

Being a People of Welcome

Quotes “The heart of [being a people of welcome] is about creating space for someone to feel seen and heard and loved. It’s about declaring your table a safe zone, a place of warmth and nourishment.”

09/03/2018 02:28:00 PM

humanism welcome humanist radically inclusive Anthony Pinn Pinn