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The Once and Future American Gods

I understand our situation now. As followers of Jesus leave him for the Trump cult, Jesus’s power weakens as Trump’s grows. When Jesus finally figured out there was a demon inside Trump, he tried an e

09/14/2020 02:24:44 PM

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“Thoughts and Prayers”: I love this song. Don’t misuse it.

This is a wonderful, humane, sorrowful song. I love it so much. And I get angry as hell when I see you misconstrue it: A lot of you don’t seem to understand who this line is directed to: Stick it up y

09/13/2020 05:21:04 PM

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Two Kinds Of Plans To Make Right Now

The first kind is very easy; the second kind is wickedly hard. First plan for what you will do in six months at the start of what might be the furthest left presidential administration ever. Don’t be

07/30/2020 06:02:03 PM


The Daisy Bates College of Arts and Sciences and the Fulbright-Faubus Center for Global Arkansas Studies

What to do about J. William Fulbright’s long history of active acquiescence* to white rule in the South? Of course his name should come off UA-Fayetteville’s College of Arts and Sciences. He’s the wro

07/11/2020 07:53:41 PM

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No One Trusts A Flincher To Hold Steady

The slogan people fought for in the streets is DEFUND THE POLICE whether you like it or not. If your first act on hearing that is to flinch, your question should be, “Who taught me to flinch, and why?

06/29/2020 12:52:19 PM

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