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A Meditation On A Ritual: Concert Wristbands

I got asked a question today in the form of a statement: “Tell me about a favourite ritual”. I was just going to write a sentence, but I kept adding comments. Here’s what I finally said: After a great

03/19/2019 01:58:56 PM

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The Synoptic Bump in “Warrior”, by Gordon R. Dickson

That guy sounds like some cheap gangster Faking up the public anger Necessary when a coward Has a killing to move forward But can’t find the guts within him In cold blood to kill his victim So his fea

03/18/2019 02:26:50 PM

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Why Bernie Sanders Has To Run Even If He Can’t Win

So I’m to the left of most of the folks here, which gives me a different point of view on a lot of things. Today I read a story in Slate (which is liberalish but more contrarian than any other one thi

03/16/2019 02:46:06 PM


The Hermit of Walden Pond Meets the Sage of Tuscumbia, Alabama

This morning in church, the responsive reading from Singing the Living Tradition was #660–just six short!–“Why should we live in such a hurry and waste of life?” from Henry David Thoreau. I do and did

03/10/2019 06:35:57 PM

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From the Not The Onion Dept.:

Seriously: Becker found that only the Onion video had an effect. There’s really nothing else to say, other than Click The Link And Read The Story.

11/03/2018 09:09:40 AM

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