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With Great Magic Comes Great Responsibility

Ritual, prayer, candle magic, and all the rest is not putting in a request to the divine piggy bank for a specific pay-out. When I pray for world peace I’m not expecting Big Daddy in the Sky to go “PO

5 days ago

Unitarian Universalism responsibility Spiritual practice Magic folklore candle magic

Planting A Pear Tree

The priest said, “You have several hundred pears on your barrow. I ask for a single pear, the loss of which you would not feel. Why then, sir, do you get angry?” The post Planting A Pear Tree appeared

1 week ago

Religious Education folklore Daoism Chinese religions selfishness

The Mystic Pagan

Our lives are nothing but a ritual expressing the creative energy crashing into what we call the material world. The post The Mystic Pagan appeared first on Nature's Sacred Journey.

1 week ago

Spiritual practice ritual Stoicism Diana Mystical Paganism

Tending the Flame of Hope in Times of Darkness

Hope thrives on community and we need more than ritual.  My own CUUPS chapter is responding by offering activities that are rooted in social connection.  We are introducing a storytelling night where

2 weeks ago

Spiritual practice Symbolism ritual CUUPS Yule intention chapters

Harvest Reflections

Lammas seems a good moment to reflect in gratitude for the gift of life that comes from the plants that sustain us. The post Harvest Reflections appeared first on Nature's Sacred Journey.

2 weeks ago

gratitude Seasonal Reflection Lammas harvest