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Sowing Justice: Why Corporations Love the Filibuster

Jeff Milchen While many corporations offer feel-good commercials promoting multiculturalism and equality, their political arms (like the Chamber of Commerce) and political investments perpetuate the d

1 day ago

Sowing Justice: A Wake-up Call for Reproductive Justice Advocates

Jeff Milchen Because opposition to reproductive rights is so often presented as religious, UUs have a special opportunity to present faith-based arguments for reproductive justice.

1 week ago

Sowing Justice: The Finishing Sprint in a Race to Protect Our Votes

Jeff Milchen Voting rights bills being brought to a vote in the Senate.

2 weeks ago

Sowing Justice

Roger Santodomingo, Jeff Milchen This week, we introduce Jeff Milchen: kayaker, democracy activist, and new UU World columnist.

2 weeks ago

UU World Editor Chris Walton Steps Down

Staff Writer Two decades of editorial work for UUA were a public ministry.

08/09/2021 10:00:00 PM