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What the Fifth Principle Project Doesn’t Want to Talk About: Part One

Jay Kiskel and his supporters have plenty to say about Unitarian Universalist flaws on his Fifth Principle website. When questioned on some of his statements, however, they often respond by condemning

6 days ago

UUA Truth Zone: Get the Real Facts


By the Reverend Cynthia Landrum [Editor’s note, I am using my blog to host another guest editorial, this one by the Rev. Cynthia Landrum, on the inaccuracies of Board Candidate Jay Kiskel’s latest pos

2 weeks ago

UUA Truth Zone: Get the Real Facts

Understanding “Gadflies” as GA Approaches*

*Note: This is a guest post, written by a trusted colleague who prefers to remain anonymous because the cult who refer to themselves as “Gadflies” have been known to attack ministers who disagree with

3 weeks ago

UUA Truth Zone: Get the Real Facts

Doing the Best We Can

My latest book, Ahnungslosigkeit: the Education of a Clueless White Man, will not be published till late this summer. In the meantime, here is a “sneak preview” of the Epilogue. (Now you don’t even ha

04/18/2021 04:06:14 PM

UU history UUA Truth Zone: Get the Real Facts Gadfly Papers lies Used to be a UU lies UU cluelessness UU controversy UU CRT UU CT UU white supremacy culture UUA controversy UUA reactionaries

Two Hundred Years of Unitarian White Supremacy Culture*

You can call it whatever you want, but for two hundred years, the Unitarian branch of our tradition, particularly, has floated in a sea of white supremacy culture. This should not surprise us, because

03/27/2021 11:19:37 PM

White Supremacy Culture UUA Truth Zone: Get the Real Facts color-blind racism in the UUA Ralph Waldo Emerson racism Ralph Waldo Emerson racist Unitarian racism William Ellery Channing racism