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Praising the No We Receive

Hello, and welcome to what will be for some of you the first day of Making Hard Choices: The Art of Discernment. (Also typed there, “The Art of Deception,” and that is exactly what we DON’T want, so l

3 days ago


It’s Always Been Love

There’s still time, but not much, to register for Making Hard Choices: The Art of Discernment. If you want to gain more decision-making skills for the future or are facing down an important choice now

1 week ago


Our Comrades’ Glory

I wrote the letter version of this post before our workshop on Thursday the 16th. But as it turns out, I am able to add it as a blog post with some time on Saturday! So! It turns out that everyone I h

2 weeks ago


Persistent Gentleness for ALL The Bodies

Remember, the 16th – THIS Thursday at 5:30 PM Pacific/8:30 Eastern is our fantastic hour-long free workshop, “Make A Hard Choices That Feels Right.” RSVP to join us to learn about the Qualities of Des

3 weeks ago


Why Do I Care So Much About Hard Choices?

Make sure to get to the end! There’s some big, happy, free goodness coming your way! tl? dr? Check it out! My dears – There was a time just before I was lucky enough to find my way – be given a way –

07/03/2020 02:00:17 PM