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The Stolen Stripes Reprised

Hello, my dears – What follows is a version of the piece I did in 2019, slightly updated. It was such fun to write, and it got such good conversation started, that I thought I’d bring up the topics ag

6 days ago


How Spiritual Poverty Makes Room for Our Hearts

Dear hearts – In the middle of last week, I was in a small group, and we were talking about the concept of spiritual emptiness, or poverty. Many of you may have heard the fable, often attributed to a

1 week ago


The Inseparables – Sex and Spirit

Things, things, things are afoot. Watch this space for something fun and useful soon! My dear friends– First, as you may have surmised from the image or the title, this edition of Reflections is conce

2 weeks ago


Ourselves and Deity: Never Not Broken

While this edition of Reflections is from the archives, I have made a few changes here and there, Not only that, but there’s a very special PS at the end. Don’t miss it! Beloved – This edition of Refl

3 weeks ago


What Day Is It?

My dears – As many of you who participate on The Way of the River Facebook page or who read this missive with some regularity know, I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Inattentive

05/21/2021 02:00:10 PM