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When I Wrote About Grief I Meant It

So I had an idea about something to write about today, and it was about ADHD and a method for getting work done. But we’ll come back to time-not-task methods because something else important has come

3 days ago


The Hearts Welcome

Beloveds – today, I take us down a stroll through the archives of Reflections to a piece I wrote three years ago this spring. It’s about welcome, and so I ask you: What is welcoming for you? When you

1 week ago


The Quality of Mercy is Not Strained

Today’s Reflections is really just musings. Just the fruit of the wool-gathering I talked about last week. Definitely not anything and a bag of chips, but maybe a window into how I make thoughts? Some

2 weeks ago


Resting on the Star-Watching Rock

​It’s a difficult and strange time. Do you feel as though your spiritual life is suffering, your practice is hard or nonexistent, you don’t have the community you need? Perhaps having a dedicated comp

3 weeks ago


How Can I Withhold What is Not Mine?

​We own nothing. Nothing is ours. Not even love so fierce it burns like baby stars. But this poverty is our greatest gift: The weightlessness of us as things around begin to shift. Emily Saliers of th

05/01/2020 02:00:41 PM