The Way of the River

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What Are We Doing?

Dear ones— May your week be fruitful, and may we all bring all of ourselves to our being this week. Enjoy the video! See you ‘round the Facebook Group. Love- Catharine The post What Are We Doing? appe

4 days ago


O for a Muse of Fire

Loves –  This week, I find myself less overwhelmed than last week – thank you, reminder of treating ourselves like cherished toddlers! But I am twitterpated. What do I mean, twitterpated? I mean there

1 week ago


Come Closer

Dear ones – Welcome to the River of Uncertainty. At least, that’s the River I feel as though I’m traveling right now. A river that’s flowing and growing in ways I can’t seem to predict and that feel s

2 weeks ago


Bright Blessings on Summer Solstice

Brightest blessings for the (Northern Hemisphere) summer solstice, sometimes called Litha! I enclose here my little video blessing and contemplation for you – just something short, spontaneous, and (I

3 weeks ago

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Oppression and The Way of the River

My dears, my heart is heavy today. In various ways, my Unitarian Universalist colleagues of color, trans and non-binary colleagues, colleagues with disabilities, and fat colleagues have spoken up toda

3 weeks ago