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A Testimony of Chaos – Part 1

“You either [move] inside your story and own it or you [stay] outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” ― Brene Brown   Hello, beloved – First, thank you so much for all the messages of supp

3 days ago

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CB Beal’s Response to the UU World Wildly Missing the Mark

If you’d like to go straight to CB Beal’s response to the UU World’s harmful article about a cisgender woman’s interactions with trans and non-binary people, click here. Today, I will lift up the voic

03/07/2019 01:15:57 AM

Unitarian Universalism UU Transgender justice gender non-binary

Choose One Thing

Dear ones – The writer Anne Lamott has a book called Bird by Bird. It’s about writing, about doing a school project on bird taxonomy and the answer to “How am I going to do this whole project?!” being

03/05/2019 03:59:27 PM


Making Room for God

From Facebook this week, posted by our comrade Jack Mandeville and credited to “Mindful Christianity Today”: “You have permission to rest. You are not responsible for fixing everything that is broken.

02/21/2019 05:09:52 PM

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Are You at Capacity?

First, happy Imbolc! See below for my invitation to our observance held tomorrow, 2 February, at 4:30 pm Pacific! Onward! This month has been all about capacity. What I have and what I don’t have. Thi

02/01/2019 06:04:09 PM

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