The Way of the River

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The Dimming of Our Light

Dear hearts – Today, as I say in my video, is all about the light. It’s all about the middle of autumn, the height, or the midst, if you will, of the light’s dimming. Of the light’s slanting, here in

1 day ago


Come and Be One

My dear comrades –   Today’s tiny, short video includes a song written by our own comrade, Eldritch, many years ago. It was also sung at the Stones Family Gathering over Labor Day weekend, a festival

1 week ago

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What is Here for Me?

Dear friends – Sometimes, let’s face it, we all get overwhelmed. We just beat our fists into the air or against our legs or into a wall and we just feel like we can’t take it. Sometimes, we want to be

2 weeks ago


WE Need to Read This Again

Friends, I am in a mood. I am in a mood and I’m going to write—yes again, now sit down!—about niceness, about yes and no, and about seduction, persuasion, cajoling, coercion, and assault. Yepper, that

4 weeks ago


Self-Compassion and Revolution

This edition of Reflections is an update of one I sent in the spring of 2016, when things seemed very different from the way they seem today, somehow. Still, the message to care for one another and ou

08/16/2019 02:00:18 PM