The Way of the River

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Witches’ Advice

Hello, Beloved – Pre-script – don’t forget to read the post-script! Today, I write about one aspect of what is sometimes called, “The Witches’ Pyramid.” It is a set of four ways of being, each associa

1 day ago


Disturbed Dreams

Dear one— Oh my but some days it’s just hard to get up in the morning. Sometimes you feel the age in your body, the disease or dis-ease (or both), and it just feels like too much. Sometimes you wake u

1 week ago



Beloved – One day in seminary, I was lamenting to a friend, Asha – praise, petition, lament, we do a lot of that sort of thing in seminary – about my ill-spent youth and how I regretted being so fat a

2 weeks ago


Samhain – Ode to the West Wind

Dear friends – I invite you to watch this video of the Ode to the West Wind by Percy Bysshe Shelley…my favorite autumnal poem, hands down (and yes, I mean even including “In Blackwater Woods,” by Mary

2 weeks ago


Don’t Just Do It!

Beloved— Sometimes in our discernment, there is no clear way forward. We know that we cannot stay as we have been, and yet we are unclear as to how to proceed. We just know that something inside us ha

3 weeks ago