Recognizing Systemic Racism

TaglineRecognizing Systemic Racism is a blog describing the study of systemic racism in the various domains in our society including health, education, criminal justice, social welfare, citizen participation, culure and sports, housing, employment, religion and social relations.
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Eyewitness misidentification in wrongful convictions.

Of the 367 wrongful convictions that were exonerated since 1989 by the Innocence Project, 71% involved eyewitenss misidentification. 42% of these cases were cross-racial misidentification. Supposed hu

2 days ago

Criminal Justice Evidence based social policy advocacy

Why are the sentences of black prisoners longer than whites?

From the Marshall Project 12/03/19 Criminal justice researchers say people of all races still aren’t treated equally when it comes to one important measure: time served behind bars. While arrest and p

1 week ago

Criminal Justice

Parenting and systemic racism - How are children socialized?

Too few parents and teachers are talking about race, gender and other identity traits with children often enough, which means they are missing out on critical opportunities to teach children to become

3 weeks ago

parenting socialization