Recognizing Systemic Racism

TaglineRecognizing Systemic Racism is a blog describing the study of systemic racism in the various domains in our society including health, education, criminal justice, social welfare, citizen participation, culure and sports, housing, employment, religion and social relations.
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Hair Love

1 day ago


Prejudice - "I don't see color."

To be sure, like the rest of race, whiteness is a fiction, what in the jargon of the academy is termed a social construct, an agreed-on myth that has empirical grit because of its effect, not its esse

6 days ago

prejudice colorblind

Black history has been marginalized

From Alison M. Parker in New York Times on 02/06/20 In 1923, a group of white women wanted to build what they called a “monument to the faithful colored mammies” in Washington. These women, members of

1 week ago

Black History

What is intersectionality?

10 dimensions of identity Race and color Sex and gender Ethnicity Socioeconomic status and class Sexual orientation Disability and mental health Age Religion Urban/suburban/rural Family status - Marri

1 week ago


Community organization work using people's stories

12/19/2019 12:41:00 AM

Community organization for social change