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TaglineA place for members of the Unitarian Universalists of the Santa Clarita Valley to post prayers that we've written or discovered and found helpful in our congregational or personal spiritual practice.
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Prayer for a time of mourning

Oh God of completeness God of wholeness God of everywhere and everytime All embracing God of love God who touches the universe entire, and every particle of creation individually When we come to times

02/21/2010 02:11:34 PM

the present moment

God of this moment. Divine spirit of this moment, and now new spirit of this next moment Honored personages of fleeting time that enter and exit the world in such rapid succession. I seek to honor you

01/24/2010 03:30:08 PM

Prayer for the new year

O Time, rolling through our lives Measured in years. Measured in decades. But measured also in days and hours and minutes. God of moments, and of experiences. Divinity of fleeting thoughts and passing

01/03/2010 05:31:34 PM

winter solstice

Turning earth, you have brought us today to the shortest day of the year. Your back turned to the sun, we live in slant light this morning. The air is cold. The sky is gray. Night is already gathering

12/20/2009 02:48:38 PM

God of our Understanding

God of our understanding Be with us today, surrounding us, filling us, warming our bodies, brightening our thoughts, lifting our spirits. Where we are hurting, bring a balm of healing Where we are fea

12/01/2009 05:56:03 PM