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#82. Shacks from Space, Part Two: The Observatory

By: Curtis Murphy I was floating. Floating through a field of stars thicker than almond milk. It was like some kind of lactose-free Milky Way, and I was like a long-lost bowl of cereal trying to find

11/26/2013 08:05:31 AM

Unitarian Universalism poems Barn Bird East Niblet Ernie North-Hamlet West Hoglet

#81. Shacks from Space, Part One: Cornfields of Despair

By: Curtis Murphy I was wandering through the night. I was a long, tall corner-cob, dribbling kernels like recycled paint. My hands were wobbling, like pieces of meat on giant sticks called wrists. Ye

08/28/2013 04:14:06 PM

Unitarian Universalism poems Ernie West Hoglet The Shack On Wheels

#80. Judy And The Journal, Part Five: The Journal Made It To Unicamp

By: Devin Murphy The journal made it to Unicamp Well to this day we still don’t know how Was it in Judy’s bag? Or was it whisked in by telepathy powered shack blimp? Or was it mashed by Frank’s bar …

03/25/2010 04:57:49 PM

Unitarian Universalism poems Albert camp campfire caves clothing optional beach folk songs Frank Harriet Joni Mitchell Judy Kit marshmallows Sophy Stephen summer camp The Circle Game The Journal Unicamp

#79. OWL Sex With Judy

By: Devin Murphy It was OWL sex with Judy time in the youth wing of the UU congregation nestled, between Direct Subs and The Make Your Own Sup Nodal And Robotic Hair Transplant Outlet Store in The Big

03/25/2010 02:15:46 PM

Unitarian Universalism poems Judy Our Whole Lives OWL sexuality curricula

#78. And They All Howled At The Moon

By: Devin Murphy All the Buffalo con goers had just gone to the workshop called “Learning About Shake Vehicles” which  featured the infamous, shack on wheels, shack on fines, shack lawn tractor, windu

07/22/2008 08:38:24 PM

Unitarian Universalism poems The Shack On Wheels Judy Buffalo conference howling howling at the moon The Shack Bicycle The Shack Lawn Tractor The Shack On Fines The Shack Zamboni The Windup Shack On Wheels