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#261 The VUU – The UUMA Executive Team

Join our hosts Aisha Hauser, Christina Rivera and Rev Michael Tino, and guest host, Julica Hermann de la Fuente, for a live Unitarian Universalist talk show discussing today’s topics from an anti-raci

3 days ago

Quest for Meaning (Site / Info)


Committing to Antiracist Love in Interracial Intimacy

By Crystal M. Fleming | I’m going to let you in on a dirty secret. Back when news first broke of Prince Harry dating biracial actress Meghan Markle, I became quietly obsessed. I knew it made no sense

3 days ago

Beacon Broadside: A Project of Beacon Press (Site / Info)

American Society Now More Than Ever Race and Ethnicity in America Crystal Fleming How to Be Less Stupid About Race

St Helena: Recalling the Patron Saint of Spiritual Tourism

  Me, I love saints. There are a ton of saints in the Roman & Orthodox calendars. Originally, in their corner of the Reformation, the Anglicans stripped their calendar down dramatically. Although they

3 days ago

Monkey Mind (Site / Info)

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Interview with Lucien Greaves

Controversial in Pagan communities as well, The Satanic Temple's work on religious and personal freedoms has aligned with many Pagan and poytheistic social values. TWH interviews Lucien Greaves about

3 days ago

The Wild Hunt (Site / Info)

Paganism Religion news religious freedom U.S. The Satanic Temple Baphomet Women's reproductive rights Hail Satan? Lucien Greaves

eulogy at #StopTheBans

The eulogy I gave over those who “died” during the die-in at the Louisville Stop the Bans rally today. We gather today to remember and to grieve. These people, these women, these human beings who were

3 days ago

Speaking of… (Site / Info)

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May 16th, 2019 Tonight we gathered together in circle and found that there are large changes afoot. We are recovering from physical and mental traumas, and are often feeling impatient or frustrated wi

3 days ago

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville (Site / Info)

Chalice Fire Blog


No, not that Robert Johnson, this is the Institute for New Economic Thinking guy, who was interviewed with a lovely winter Davos backdrop 4 years ago, when puffy jackets were still cutting edge fashio

3 days ago

fortboise.org (Site / Info)

Renewing our Welcoming Congregation status

At the congregational meeting, we will be voting on whether or not to renew our welcoming congregation status with the UUA, thus shaping our congregation’s future. By voting “yes” to becoming a welcom

3 days ago

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville (Site / Info)

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this day...

Today we had a visit by staff members from Arkansas A+ Schools in preparation for further training in June which will allow us to become an official A+ School. A+ refers to the integration of the Arts

3 days ago

Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)

The Trans Affirming Collective is June’s share the plate recipient

The Trans Affirming Collective (TAC) is June’s share the plate recipient. TAC is a Social Justice Action Team at FUUN formed in 2017 and dedicated to Creating Community through activities that let our

3 days ago

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville (Site / Info)

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Media Roundup: Goodridges discuss making history at great personal cost

Heather Christensen A weekly guide to stories about Unitarian Universalists from other media sources.  

3 days ago

UU World Editors’ Blog (Site / Info)

Debt, Redemption, and Loving One Another

Americans have a lot of debt. The national debt is above $22 trillion and consumer debt is around $14 trillion. The ACLU’s report, “A Pound of Flesh: The Criminalization of Private Debt” which found p

3 days ago

The Wonderment (Site / Info)

Personal Responsibility is Non-Transferable, Part 2 of 5

"I know you cannot read my mind, but I hope you feel my vibe; I think it's time I let you know that, I see the God in you." If we recommit to an ethic of personal responsibility, grounded in love, how

3 days ago

Boots and Blessings (Site / Info)

“‘The engineering of consent’

 at the hands of power elites has become a characteristic technique of our time, in both the totalitarian and the ostensibly democratic societies. Indeed, in some sociological circles the intellectual

3 days ago

Stone By Stone (Site / Info)


Clara Barton and the Founding of the American Red Cross

On May 21, 1881 Clara Barton, already famed for her tireless work as a Civil War nurse , organized the founding meeting of the Association of the American Red Cross (later the American Red Cross) in t

4 days ago

Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout (Site / Info)

Universalist Civil War Clara Barton American Red Cross Dorothea Dix Franco-Prussian War International Red Cross Johnstown Flood MIssing Soldiers Bureau nurse Oxford Massachusetts school teacher

Presento una comunicación sobre Twitter y periodismo al XXV Congreso Internacional de la Sociedad Española de Periodística

Presento una comunicación al congreso de la Sociedad Española de Periodística, que se celebra el 30 y 31 de mayo en Bilbao. Se titula “Comunicación y media literacy en la era de Twitter” y la he hecho

4 days ago

GABRIEL JARABA blog (Site / Info)



Perhaps your craving is for chocolate, or for coffee. Maybe your craving is for affirmation or attention or status. It’s hard to imagine that anyone gets through this life without some kind of hunger

4 days ago

Daily Compass (Site / Info)


Mercy help us put down any shame for being embodied, perfectly...

Mercy help us put down any shame for being embodied, perfectly imperfect, loving and not done learning and living yet

4 days ago

https://revnaomiking.tumblr.com/ (Site / Info)

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Bosie: The Case for the Defense

On February 26, the Wandsworth LGBTQ+ Forum hosted a theatrical event, “The Trial of Lord Alfred Douglas,” the mock trial staged at the Oscar Wilde Temple, to determine whether Douglas was guilty of t

4 days ago

Story and Self (Site / Info)

Lord Alfred Douglas Oscar Wilde

Game of Thrones: Did You Really Expect a Happy Ending?

We were never going to get a happy ending. Honestly, I expected more deaths and far more chaos. What we got was as good as we were ever going to get. And also, we got eight seasons of brilliant entert

4 days ago

John Beckett (Site / Info)

Paganism Pagan Books Game of Thrones A Song of Fire and Ice George R.R. Martin