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Breaking Our Hearts Open // Romper y Abrir Nuaestros Corazones

Our hearts break open for the pain of the world.

11/01/2022 05:08:51 AM

Quest for Meaning (Site / Info)

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Community / Comunidad

Who makes up your community? What role does community play in your life?

11/01/2022 05:06:31 AM

Quest for Meaning (Site / Info)

community Quest Article quest-magazine-2022-11

The Strength of Community // La Fuerza de la Comunidad

In a recent conversation with other religious professionals at Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) Fall Con—the annual conference for religious educators—Aisha Hauser, one of our CLF lead

11/01/2022 05:05:25 AM

Quest for Meaning (Site / Info)

community Quest Article quest-magazine-2022-11

A Liberal Religious Educator’s Fall Conference

I had the honor and privilege of spending the better part of a week this October in Alabama with close to 150 of my fellow Unitarian Universalist Religious Educators from across the continent. During

10/31/2022 10:00:00 AM

BeyondBelief (Site / Info)

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Don’t let Fear control you — conquer and destroy it

Fear is a word we all are all accustomed to in some degree or another. For me, it is something I know far too well. The Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair, New Jersey’s recent service “C

10/31/2022 04:58:18 AM

Nature's Sacred Journey (Site / Info)

Spiritual practice courage Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair Rev. Scott Sammler-Michael Rev. Anya Sammler-Michael Rev. Foxxy Pullen

A Service for All Souls

Join us on All Souls Sunday for a special service of memory, grief, and celebration of the dear souls we've lost throughout the pandemic and beyond.

10/30/2022 05:30:43 PM

Unitarian Church of Los Alamos (Site / Info)

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Weekly Bread #194

I wore one of my clerical robes last Sunday. It had been a long time. I have 4 robes of different colors including a lavender, a royal blue, a wine, and a black. The black one is the only one I could

10/30/2022 03:29:58 PM

Sermons, Poetry, and Other Musings (Site / Info)

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          There’s a saying: “Cheer up, things could be worse; so I cheered up and sure enough—things got worse.’ Bobby McFerrin’s decades-old ditty, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” won’t work now, if it ever

10/29/2022 09:42:52 PM

Ichabod's Kin (Site / Info)

politics Halloween Bobby McFerrin

“Affirm and Promote the Democratic Process” by Rev. Tom Capo preached on 10/23/2022

                       During many of the past electoral seasons, I have pulled out Parker Palmer’s “Healing the Heart of Democracy” to read the passage you heard this morning.   In particular I refle

10/25/2022 10:25:00 PM

The Human Spirit (Site / Info)

democracy wisdom Grounding Pastoral

Being a Descendant, Becoming an Ancestor

as preached at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston, October 23, 2022 Listen more often to things than to beings,‘tis the Ancestor’s breathwhen the fire’s voice is heard,‘tis the Ancesto

10/23/2022 08:20:07 PM

Colin Bossen (Site / Info)

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To Give, To Receive

as preached at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston, October 16, 2022 The Unitarian Universalist theologian Rebecca Parker has always been clear eyed about the purpose of our religious c

10/21/2022 06:31:22 PM

Colin Bossen (Site / Info)

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22F week 5: The Confused Clown by Ival Stratford Kovner

Click here for Ival Stratford Kovner's story "The Confused Clown" An aside:   Shekhinah: The Divine Feminine.  Each week on Shabbat the feminine aspects of Hashem are recounted. See  https://www.myjew

10/21/2022 06:52:00 AM

TOP of My Mind (Site / Info)

Clown Harlequin Ival Stratford Kovner

Hold My Chalice: New Series

It’s been a minute since I last wrote in earnest – between the pandemic and the ramping up of my successful entrepreneurial ministry, I’ve not had a lot of time to just write. Enter sabbatical. Beginn

10/20/2022 05:58:05 PM

Notes from the Far Fringe (Site / Info)

Musings Hold My Chalice

Queer More Than Memory (or, the closets made from the words we didn’t yet have)

This post is a companion piece to a post I wrote in February 2015, “A Conversation Begins with a Lie…” Like a lot of moments in my life, I recently realized something important while listening to the

10/20/2022 06:03:01 AM

Another Possibility (Site / Info)

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"Everyday Courage" by Reverend Tom Capo preached on 10/9/2022

  A Story             Long ago and far away, there was a girl named Vasilisa.   Sometimes she was called Vasilisa the wise.   She was never called Vasilisa the sad, even though her mother died when sh

10/18/2022 08:34:00 PM

The Human Spirit (Site / Info)

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Facing the Religious Right" by Reverend Tom Capo preached on 10/2/2022

I went to the September meeting of the Miami-Dade County School Board along with two of our members, Martha Harrison and Cam McFrederick.    We were concerned about the school board voting down a reso

10/18/2022 08:27:00 PM

The Human Spirit (Site / Info)

Christian nationalism

"Our Bodies Not Belonging to Us" by Reverend Tom Capo preached on 9/25/2022

          “There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks,” said Stacey Abrams, who is running a campaign centered on abortion access to unseat Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R). “It is a manufactured s

10/18/2022 08:23:00 PM

The Human Spirit (Site / Info)

reproductive rights reproductive justice woman's reproductive rights

22 Fall Week 4: Music Memories

Click here for Mary Rose Muti's personal story of "Music Memories"

10/14/2022 07:18:00 AM

TOP of My Mind (Site / Info)

Sunday-only calendar for 2023

By request — and for the 15th year! — I am renewing the Sunday-only calendar, useful for church planning. Get it, and the background, at the original post from 2008.

10/11/2022 02:41:36 AM

Rev. Scott Wells (Site / Info)

Church administration

The Dream of the Perfect Plan

It was February 1990, when the South African president Frederick Willem de Klerk made a shocking announcement: he would be releasing Nelson Mandela after 27 years in prison, and he would legalize Mand

10/09/2022 07:43:13 AM

Another Possibility (Site / Info)

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