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Interviews on Common Threads

The two interviews that I did for WGVU's radio show Common Threads are now available online. You can listen to the January 20, 2019 interview here and the January 27, 2019 interview here.

3 weeks ago

Colin Bossen: Preacher, Writer, Organizer (Site / Info)


In Blackwater Woods

By Mark Nepo: “The Cyclist” [1] On the day of the race, he waited with the others and felt that life was waiting in the hills. He…

3 weeks ago

RevWho (Site / Info)

UU sermon grief prayer Grace wisdom Mary Oliver memorial despair Blackwater Woods Mark Nepo

Sienna Project 2019: Greetings from Guatemala

This is my first time to be in Guatemala. I’m spending the next week with this awesome crew from All Souls and Tulsa. We are in Guatemala to build the 12th school for the Sienna Project. The Sienna Pr

3 weeks ago

BeyondBelief (Site / Info)

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Loving People Anyway

Reading: Gate A-4 by Naomi Shihab Nye  Sermon: Loving People Anyway  Sermon Audio Available Here Almost exactly one year ago, 17-year-old Zachary Cruz was having a regular afternoon at the skate park

3 weeks ago

Another Possibility (Site / Info)

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God is Not One

On Friday a couple days ago, one of our congregation’s members posted on the Facebook “CUUC Forum” a helpful bit of information (HERE). He wrote, “How many times have we all been in the situation wher

3 weeks ago

The Liberal Pulpit (Site / Info)

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The Poetry Of Mary Oliver In Unitarian Universalist Liturgy

[This was originally a paper I wrote for my doctoral program in 2008. – Victoria Weinstein] There’s Something About Mary: The Poetry Of Mary Oliver Among Unitarian Universalists There are three poems

3 weeks ago

PeaceBang (Site / Info)

Unitarian Universalism Worship and Liturgy Cultural Commentary

Preaching this Sunday at Universalist National Memorial Church

Come hear me preach this Sunday at the 11 am service at Universalist National Memorial Church, Washington D.C. Since the church website is down for repairs, I’m putting the details here. The Law Dwell

4 weeks ago

Rev. Scott Wells (Site / Info)


A Question of Process: PTSD and BTC part 1

I have two disabilities. One is minor, the other substantial but also invisible. My minor disability is extreme sensitivity to light. I can’t go outside on a sunny day or even use my laptop, watch tel

4 weeks ago

Dennis McCarty (Site / Info)


A Question of Process: PTSD and BTC: part 2

Over the years, when I’ve been part of a functional worship “team,” my need to prepare Worship well ahead of time has never been a problem. At UUMA Heartland Chapter Retreats, where I was long-time Wo

4 weeks ago

Dennis McCarty (Site / Info)


A Question of Process: PTSD and BTC part 3

Part of my mind truly yearned to go forward with Beyond the Call when Don Southworth called me. There were rich and productive aspects to the program, and people I had grown to care for. I wanted good

4 weeks ago

Dennis McCarty (Site / Info)


Wabanaki Languages 102

I wanted to study Wabanaki languages with Roger Paul as a way of decolonizing my mind.  Yesterday we began the second semester and already I am experiencing two challenges which seem directly related

4 weeks ago

Finding Our Way Home (Site / Info)

spirituality Awake to Each Other Language Indigenous Wabanaki Decolonization Passamaquoddy Relational

Daily Bread #41

  I feel like I have turned some kind of corner, easing into this becoming an actual lifestyle rather than a tough program I am struggling to follow.  I am relaxing more about my food, feeling confide

4 weeks ago

Sermons, Poetry, and Other Musings (Site / Info)

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In the Interim, January 2019

The theme for worship in January is transformation. This is a particularly apt theme for a period of interim ministry. The departure of one senior minister and the arrival of another is always a signi

4 weeks ago

Colin Bossen: Preacher, Writer, Organizer (Site / Info)


Moon Wonders

Last night my mind was so full of wonders and joys I almost missed another. After a week of immersion in the lives and writings of Frances Ellen Watkins Harper and the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther Ki

01/21/2019 11:46:31 PM

Rev. Thomas Perchlik's Weblog (Site / Info)


MLK’s Dreams & Legacies: Who Is Forming You?

On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I am aware of two  significant—though also painful—anniversaries that feel important to name aloud.  This year is the 400th anniversary of the first enslaved Africa

01/21/2019 11:13:39 AM

Carl Gregg (Site / Info)


Disappearing Moon

After a stormy snow all day long, the sky cleared long enough for me to watch the beauty and mystery of the lunar eclipse, in the crisp cold wind blowing through our back yard. I am not usually awake

01/21/2019 12:36:41 AM

Finding Our Way Home (Site / Info)

spirituality prayer healing Mystery darkness Awake to Earth Awake to Mystery Earth Community moon lunar eclipse Hidden

Beautiful Music of Universalism: We’ll Build A Land

Part 1  On this Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Sunday here at UUCA, we remember the great man and we listen to his resonant voice, how his words at the start of his sermon entitled “The Drum Major Instinc

01/20/2019 07:41:54 AM

Soul Seeds (Site / Info)

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Citizen Democracy

Here in New Mexico, a new legislature is in session. With half a dozen other members of my congregation, I went to speak with our Senator from Taos, Carlos Cisneros. We talked mostly about renewable e

01/16/2019 10:14:00 PM

REVOLUTIONARY SPIRITS: Faith, Politics, Opinion (Site / Info)

Protected: Gilcrease Kids Slide Into Third…and Fourth

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. The post Protected: Gilcrease Kids Slide Into Third…and Fourth appeared first on BeyondBelief.

01/16/2019 06:20:20 PM

BeyondBelief (Site / Info)

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One More Thing…..(Don’t Preach King On King Sunday pt.2)

Dr. King’s birthday was yesterday. He would have been 90. On Monday there is the national holiday to honor him. But in some states, Dr. King doesn’t get the day to himself. Because in those states, Dr

01/16/2019 03:38:39 PM

East Of Midnight (Site / Info)

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